You (Don’t) Suck! A workbook to silence imposter syndrome by Max Masure

“You suck!” That’s what Max Masure’s mind was telling them just before they had a major burnout. They had been successfully working in tech and startups for a decade by then, being the very efficient, productive, workaholic designer that every CEO would dream of. They were living the dream we’ve been sold – a successful businesswoman married to a husband, one kid, one duplex home. 

Until that day in 2016, where their body crashed down: they spent a week at the hospital and were unable to work for 3 months. This unwanted long pause allowed them to find their authentic self. Their burn out saved their life.

Through their gender transition, they woke up from our oppressive systems – in their personal and professional lives. They moved away from being an insecure people-pleaser by understanding where their imposter syndrome was coming from. 

In “You (Don’t) Suck”, they provide activities and tools to access our inner power, set boundaries, and attract what matches our vision, so we can all finally use our voices for the collective’s greater good. 

This workbook to silence imposter syndrome and the workshops that go with it are part of that mission.

Max Masure (they/them) is a community-centered Service Designer and UX Researcher, DEI Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker.

They were named one of the most influential leaders of DEI in 2019 and 2020 by Hive Learning. They recently supported the United Nations in their efforts to improve engagement on their Sustainable Development Goals, trained Doctors Without Borders to better serve their employees and donors, trained a global hotel company to better serve their transgender and gender non-conforming customers, and they are currently advising the Service Design Network Organization as a founding member of their Diversity, Education, and Inclusion Advisory Board.

They believe in equity, community-centered design, and the liberation of underrepresented communities. They regularly speak on trans inclusion, imposter syndrome, ethics, and transformative culture.

Max Masure
Max Masure

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