You Don’t Have to Be a Doctor by Jeffrey Oxendine

Discover, Achieve, and Enjoy Your Authentic Health Career

Whether you are a student or recent graduate, a health professional, or are considering a career change to the health field, this book provides the framework, exercises and insights you need to advance from where you are today to experience the joy, power, and success that comes from living your authentic life and career.

In You Don’t Have to Be a Doctor, Jeff Oxendine guides readers through a proven nine-step process to choose their authentic health career path, secure jobs, and navigate life and industry changes. Readers are empowered to make choices in alighnment with emerging industry needs, their values, passions, goals, and what they are good at and enjoy. Readers can develop an action and accountability plan to achieve their goals.

The book does not discourage anyone from being a doctor or pursuing any specific health profession. It emphasizes the importance of critically assessing and choosing a path aligned with who you are and what you want from your life and career and provides proven tips and tools for success.

Jeffrey Oxendine
Jeffrey OxendineHealth Career Professional
Jeffrey Oxendine has been an educator, health executive, and consultant, for over 30 years. Jeff’s passion is inspiring and empowering students and health professionals to discover and achieve their authentic health career dreams, lead happy and fulling lives, and optimize their impact on the health of individuals and communities. As an expert, leader, and champion for health workforce and diversity, he is also committed to advancing strategies, programs, and policies to build the next generation of health leaders and professionals.

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