What Are You Waiting For? You Don’t Have 9 Lives! beautifully blends the familiarity of a childhood storybook with the challenges of young adulthood.

In each chapter, the smart and sometimes snarky little tuxedo cat named Coco, shares her life experiences and lessons learned in tandem with those of her human “Mama.”

Through Coco’s observations and advice, readers will:

– Be encouraged to stay true to, and develop their natural talents
– Learn how to recognize, reframe, and recover from life events
– Realize they have the power to shape their life story

There is no how-to manual or comprehensive college course to help young people navigate the transition from student to young adult.

What Are You Waiting For? You Don’t Have 9 Lives! will help the young adult in your family, your classroom, or your organization conquer self-limiting beliefs and move through life with an authentic sense of self worth.

“In Nancy’s book What Are You Waiting For? through the eyes of the insightful and clever, Coco, a tuxedo cat, she shares insightful stories, provides guidance mixed with humor, and messages about working through fear and life’s up and downs, while not letting it diminish our authentic talents, our purpose, and our beliefs. This book is bound to be a go-to resource for up and coming talent to begin to understand the laws of the universe and how they apply to your personal and professional lives.”

– Dave Cilliberto, Adjunct Instructor at Cornell University

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Nancy West was born selling.

In first grade, after growing tired of her classmates constantly asking to “borrow” a pencil, she started renting them for a nickel a day. She proudly secured her “inventory” in Crown Royal’s signature velvet bag and jingled her earnings in her lunch box on the school bus every day.

Encouraged by her parents to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit, Nancy went on to complete her undergraduate and graduate studies at night, earning high honors, at the same time establishing herself as one of the top female sales representatives in the transportation industry.

After recovering from a layoff, Nancy found herself thriving in sales in the corporate training industry. Inspired to blend her sales savvy with her newly discovered talent for facilitating and coaching, Nancy went on to build her own consultancy, Accelerated Performance, Inc. Today she works with many of the biggest brands in the automotive industry, training salespeople in car showrooms from coast to coast.

Equal to her passion for cars, is her love of guiding the youngest generation entering the workforce. In this, her first book, she transforms the most difficult lessons from her own life into stories that encourage the release of self-limiting beliefs and promote action.

Originally from Ohio, Nancy has called several suburbs of Detroit home for over 20 years and now resides in beautiful Bloomfield Hills, MI. When she isn’t on the road, she can be found indulging her passion for home remodeling, cooking, and gardening.


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