What Are You Waiting For? by Nancy M. West

You Don’t Have 9 Lives!

Are you a recent college grad or newcomer to the workforce trying to claw your way up the ladder of success? Is it hard to land on your feet after obstacles throw your life into a tailspin? Wish you had the carefree confidence of your cat? Professional corporate consultant and top industry salesperson Nancy M. West has helped working-age adults rise above their limiting behaviors to maximize their natural abilities. Padding along in her footsteps, Coco the tuxedo cat has followed West through her ups and downs and is ready to share the secret formula for her success, so you can work it like a boss.

What Are You Waiting For? You Don’t Have 9 Lives! is a playful survival guide for anyone who needs a helping paw in adulting. Using key events in West’s life, Coco shows you how to trade in your shortcomings and obstacles for natural talents and tasty morsels of possibility. Only after you learn to take control of your own life’s story can you unlock the fearless potential of your true self.

What Are You Waiting For? You Don’t Have 9 Lives! is your guide to finding your big cat energy inside the tricky litterbox of life. If you love motivational tales, cat-themed humor, and turning negativity into warm-and-fuzzy beginnings, then you’ll love Nancy M. West’s endearing yarn.

Nancy M. West
Nancy M. WestSpeaker
For over 12 years, Nancy has been a dedicated contractor that can facilitate client provided content, coach individuals, implement high performance consulting, and motivate personal development.

She takes a great measures with an acute attention to detail to create outcomes that are consistently professional and thought provoking while creating a change, such as facilitating new skills, teaching application, platform speaking, or motivating personal development. Nancy’s internal compass believes how you do anything is how you do everything and ties in well with her favorite quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

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