In honor of Transgender Awareness week, we wanted to highlight some of the contributors in PYP’s newest anthology: The Real Lives of Transgender and Nonbinary Humans. In this collection of stories, each of the contributors share their stories and experiences from when they first realized that they were trans or nonbinary, through the ups and downs of life, to where they are today. Each of the contributors come from different backgrounds and walks of life but they each have a story to tell and each story is a testament to the power of hope, determination, and the possibilities open to everyone when they learn to love and accept themselves for who they really are.

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Rhodes Perry (he/him) is the founder and CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting (RPC) and best-selling author of Belonging at Work. His firm works with leaders, visionaries, and change agents to build belonging and help organizations reach industry breakthroughs. A life-long human rights advocate, Rhodes has been instrumental in championing policy changes and new laws nationwide to protect the LGBTQI+ communities. His podcast, The Out Entrepreneur, features interviews with LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs about their experiences in the workplace. 


Caroline (she/her) is a mother of two children, working to inspire and offer advice to transgender people, especially trans college students, as they move on from their academic years and enter the workforce. Through her 20 years in the banking industry, she has educated, provided career counseling advice, spoken at conferences and classes, all in hopes of passing along what she’s learned through experience, to young trans and nonbinary people. She has recently legally affirmed her identity by changing her gender marker on her identification documents. Due to her job, she has decided to remain anonymous. 


Rex (they/them) is an LGBTQ+ speaker, educator, consultant, and founder of Rex Wilde Consulting. Through their work as a transgender inclusion trainer and consultant, educating workplaces to become transgender inclusive, they seek to make a deep impact for the transgender community. They share their journey of authenticity and how they came to understand themselves to inspire others to follow their own intuition and embrace their own truth. 



Brandi Lai (she/her) is the founder and president of Best Laid Pens, a ghostwriting and content strategy business that helps diverse people tell their stories. She has had the pleasure and privilege of bringing the stories in this book to life. Her mission is to give voices in her community a microphone so their truths can be heard. She hopes to continue to uplift the people around her and help them share their stories.



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