The Real Lives of Transgender and Nonbinary Humans

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We all struggle with our identities, how we show up as our authentic selves, and who we want to see when we look in the mirror.

This powerful collection of stories, told by transgender and nonbinary people of all ages and from all walks of life, is an inspiring tribute to the human spirit. They are our children, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Many have faced daunting challenges and have overcome the hardships of poverty, racism, transphobia, and alienation from their families. Some have become activists; some are entrepreneurs; others simply want to make a difference in one person’s life. But wherever their journeys have taken them, they are so much more than their gender transitions.

This book is a testament to the power of hope, determination, and the possibilities open to everyone when they learn to love and accept themselves for who they really are.

Get to know some of the contributors and the reasons why they shared their stories!

Listen to the author, Brandi Lai, about how this book came to life and how writing this book empowered and reaffirmed her own life experiences.

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