The Navigator’s Handbook by David A. O’Brien

Based on lessons from a distinguished twenty-year leadership career, The Navigator’s Handbook: 101 Leadership Lessons for Work and Life is a collection of observations and personal experiences that explores the common denominators of truly great leaders. Using a combination of personal reflection, story telling, and consulting case studies, author David A. O’Brien explores some of leadership’s most pressing challenges, including:

✶ Employee Engagement
✶ Organizational Change
✶ Leadership Communication
✶ Development Coaching
✶ Career Management
✶ Employee Satisfaction

It presents proven processes and methodologies for helping leaders turn these challenges into opportunities for peak performance. Full of fresh ideas, interesting stories, and first-hand accounts from the corner office, The Navigator’s Handbook is an action-oriented and practical guide for helping leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

The Navigator’s Compass by David A. O’Brien

David O’Brien continues his directional theme for leaders in his second book, The Navigator’s Compass. David’s words transcend the traditional boundaries of personal and professional life to show that we are all leaders. This book is a quick, easy read with stories, lessons, and tips on a variety of leadership topics, including the following:

✶ Organizational Change
✶ Employee Engagement
✶ Workplace Resilience
✶ Emotional Intelligence
✶ Deliberate Leadership
✶ Development Coaching

It provides proven processes and methodologies for helping leaders at all levels to expand their influence and impact. The Navigator’s Compass is an action-oriented and practical guide for helping leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

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David A. O’Brien

David A. O’Brien is President of WorkChoice Solutions, LLC, a nationally recognized provider of leadership and team effectiveness consulting services. Prior to launching WorkChoice Solutions in 2000, David was a Senior Vice President and General Manager with a global provider of workforce management services. His corporate consulting career spans over twenty years and includes key leadership roles within a variety of industries including Aerospace, Healthcare, and Financial Services. His clients include such market leaders as Aetna, Day Pitney, ESPN, KPMG, Mass Mutual, Otis Elevator, Peoples Bank, The Hartford, U.S. Airways and United Technologies. He also works with many small and emerging market leaders to bring about lasting organizational and leadership transformation.

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