The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion by Dr. Tony Byers

How Diversity & Inclusion Advances Innovation and Drives Growth


Dr. Tony Byers, a global expert on Diversity and Inclusion, believes that “having” diversity doesn’t work without leveraging inclusion. The book is ideal for professionals responsible for leveraging diversity and inclusion initiatives, and for leaders interested in the benefits of inclusive environments.

His insights and strategies will help your organization design a process for inclusion to build, retain, and effectively leverage diversity. The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion will evolve your thinking about D&I from “counting” heads to making heads count!

Dr. Byers clearly shows that unlocking the true potential of diversity requires going beyond the numbers to create an inclusive, collaborative workplace that values every voice. The book is insightful and empowering for those looking to ensure that their business reflects the diversity of their customers and their communities. —Pat Vincent-Collawn, Chairman, President and CEO, PNM Resources

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion is diminished or amplified by the when and how of shared accountability and the understanding that inaction fosters organizational extinction. Any person/organization intent on thriving over the next five years ought to heed the guidance and perspective Dr. Byers offers in this book. Failure to do so will render you and/or your business irrelevant.— Caroline A. Wanga, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Vice President Human Resources, Target Corporation

Dr. Tony Byers
Dr. Tony ByersGlobal D&I Expert
From his 20+ years working with some of the world’s most admired companies, Dr. Byers has proven that when leaders learn to apply The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion effectively, their organizations enjoy an increase in market share, process efficiencies, and business growth. In addition, they will sustain a productive organizational culture, gain a competitive edge, and cultivate and retain a diverse workforce.

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