Leading with Abundance in Uncertain Times with Jenn T. Grace, Jennifer Brown, and Eduardo Placer 

[00:00:00] Jenn: [00:00:00] Hey, Jen, how are you? 

[00:00:05] Jennifer B: [00:00:05] JT, grace. How are ya 

[00:00:07] Jenn: [00:00:07] here again? We are back. So this is our second one of these, which. Where we’ve already mapped out or the whole month’s worth of, 

[00:00:18] Jennifer B: [00:00:18] are we going to do right now, 

[00:00:19] Jenn: [00:00:19] which we’ll get to, this is kind of the theme of our topic and our discussion today, but yes, we have a whole month’s worth of these plan for you and who knows how much further that will go.

[00:00:28] But I feel like we had a really good response from last time. So today we have a very dear friend of both of ours, who I’m going to add as a surprise into the screen.

[00:00:46] Eduardo entrance.

[00:00:52] Jennifer B: [00:00:52] Welcome. 

[00:00:53] Jenn: [00:00:53] Yeah. Welcome. How are you doing today? 

[00:00:56] Eduardo: [00:00:56] You know, I just like a deep exhale. [00:01:00] Yeah. So I, so I lived in New York city, um, and I haven’t been home in over a month. So I was out in San Francisco doing work. Um, I’m an international public speaking coach. I run, I have the privilege of running an amazing program that actually, uh, Jenji grace has been a part of.

[00:01:16] It’s called the force of what’s being for visionary women leaders. Um, we were running that in San Francisco. They canceled the event, the venue, the night before our final presentation, I was in route to Boulder. Um, I went to Boulder and then as things were developing, did not feel, um, that it was best for me to return home from New York city.

[00:01:38] Um, and yesterday I landed in Miami and I am now in Miami beach for the foreseeable future. Um, so I’m feeling really unsettled. I’m feeling really, uh, ungrounded, uh, you know, I was supposed to be in Australia. Uh, running one of our programs, that’s not been canceled, you know, like I’m, I’m staring at our future.

[00:01:59] That [00:02:00] feels that was full, but now it feels very empty. And, uh, and just acknowledging that there’s fear. There’s uncertainty this morning, I woke up with. You know, the rising panic of anxiety, you know, in my chest. And I feel like it’s important to name it. I think it’s important to be honest about it being there, I’m generally a very positive person and I love, you know, this frame that we’re creating around this conversation.

[00:02:25] And I think a piece of it is like, just really being real about what’s present 

[00:02:33] Jennifer B: [00:02:33] one day at a time. 

[00:02:34] Eduardo: [00:02:34] One of the, and just the gratitude that I have, like, I’ve just been so moved by, uh, You know, one, like, just like I miss the two of you, you know? And like there’s like geographical distance, you know? And like, fortunately to be creative base with the two of you feels really, uh, full and, uh, exciting.

[00:02:54] Uh, I’ve been on hold with airlines, travel plans, [00:03:00] uh, you know, over eight hours of like being old and trying to navigate things. And I’m always leaning into and being grateful. When I get another human being on the phone and just saying, thank you. Like, I know this is hard. I’m sure you’re bearing and dealing with a lot of people who are really going to happy.

[00:03:16] And I just wanted to start this conversation by expressing my gratitude for you. Um, I was at trader Joe’s yesterday for like 20 minutes, 30 minutes to get into the trader Joe’s. Cause they’re only allowing 25 people into the trader Joe’s all the time in Miami beach. And starting with gratitude and acknowledgement, you know, before you walk in.

[00:03:37] So we have time right now.

[00:03:43] So, um, 

[00:03:44] Jenn: [00:03:44] well, it seems like you’ve had a number of delightful travel experiences recently, but I guess the good news is that you’re out of New York, which is the epicenter at the moment, so that, although Jen, you are still in New York, so there’s the counterbalance there.

[00:04:00] [00:04:00] Eduardo: [00:04:00] And I want to acknowledge that. I mean, it feel like New York is also the place it’s testing. So governor Cuomo has done an extraordinary job saying, let’s look at the reason why we have the most people is because we’re the ones who are actually testing, who knows what that means elsewhere. You know, it could be in Washington, it could be California.

[00:04:16] I mean, but they’re the only ones who are really testing with a vengeance right now. So, uh, so it’s scary. And it’s like, I feel like that’s the truth. The truth is there, you know, everyone else has. Living in a it’s true. We’re 

[00:04:33] Jennifer B: [00:04:33] in that we’re in the, in the stages of grief we’re in the acceptance stage, not in the denial or the

[00:04:40] Right. I’m thinking a lot about that model. If anybody’s curious about it. It’s is it the stages of grief and loss by Kubler Ross? All of us may be sort of pinging like a ping pong ball in between the stages, anger, denial, bargaining. Bargainings my favorite model. I’ve been doing a lot of bargaining, like, yes.

[00:04:58] Well, if I do this, maybe [00:05:00] then I’ll do this and then we’ll be able to, and then I’m like, wait, but I don’t have all the answers and I can’t 

[00:05:04] Eduardo: [00:05:04] write angry and then I’m angry 

[00:05:09] Jennifer B: [00:05:09] and then I’m accepting. And I, and then this sort of question of attachment right now, it’s so fascinating to sort of think, like, what was I attached to.

[00:05:17] How can they let that go? Maybe it will never return. And what now it’s not about attaching to anything, but just breathing, being in community, paying attention, listening, just letting it wash over you. And also the kindness and the generosity to ourselves. Like there are no answers to be had right now.

[00:05:37] And so how can we be of service in this moment? Um, and I love our theme today is abundance, right? It’s like, if we can stop all that noise for a moment, or for longer than a moment, abundance is all around us right now, you know? So that’s what we want to talk to you about today. Eduardo and den. Yeah. 

[00:05:55] Eduardo: [00:05:55] Yeah.

[00:05:56] Jenn: [00:05:56] I feel like, and we can talk about abundance in our [00:06:00] personal lives. We can talk about abundance in our business lives because, you know, I feel like there’s abundance everywhere to be had. But before we went live, we were obviously brainstorming for a few minutes beforehand. And really also kind of recognizing our place of privilege in this conversation, which I feel so needs to be so importantly, front and center to acknowledge that where in a place where we can think, be thinking about abundance and thinking about how we can reshape our futures and what that might look like.

[00:06:30] But yet there are many, many, many people across the world that do not have that place of privilege in any way, shape or form because they’ve lost their jobs or, you know, they might not. Be able to afford their rent or know where their next meal is gonna come from. And there’s so much just crazy levels of uncertainty for so many people.

[00:06:49] But I think that if we can all be kind of thinking about this and how can we serve and use our abundance mentality to help others. I think that’s where we can actually see some significant change, [00:07:00] um, because it is so just scary and we are right now and we’re all like collectively kind of like. I want to say crumbling, but like, everyone’s been knocked down a couple pegs.

[00:07:08] It’s not like anyone’s really immune to that, which is also very surreal kind of experience too. When you think about it, 

[00:07:16] Eduardo: [00:07:16] you know, one of the things that I feel, um, , I love that you framed it that way, Jen, because I do think that one of the things that I’ve been really present to is it’s like, My privilege, absolutely.

[00:07:31] That I’ve had the privilege of option and choice, like the privilege to not to choose, to not be in New York right now, you know, and to be able to want to have friends in Colorado house me for a week, you know, and then I have my parents in Miami to be in is like an unbelievable privilege because I don’t have to worry about.

[00:07:53] Home. Yeah. Like there’s like shelter, food, safety. Like I think that when that’s like, when, [00:08:00] and there’s the, the fear of that, and then there’s the reality of like, I have that. I actually don’t have food. I like, how are you? Like you can’t be thinking about what I really want to focus. That’s my, um, my, my new side hustle.

[00:08:16] Um, so I think acknowledging that I think is a place to start. And I think, uh, The beginning point for me is always like not how do I avoid fi he shamed out like all of those things instead of like, denying that they exist, how can I actually invite them in this process and be curious about what is that teaching me?

[00:08:43] And then how can I create from a different context? It’s not that because I think that there, there is a tone and a, a creative energy that comes from that. And I think that there’s an opportunity to actually like, think about what am I not looking at? What is an opportunity for me to [00:09:00] look at that can actually open up a whole new relationship to your, how can you offer the world that can be really dynamic.

[00:09:12] Hm. 

[00:09:13] Jennifer B: [00:09:13] I love that. Then, 

[00:09:15] Eduardo: [00:09:15] you know, one of the things that, uh, 

[00:09:19] Jennifer B: [00:09:19] sorry, we’re getting a delay from 

[00:09:20] Eduardo: [00:09:20] you. You’re going to think that we’ve all, you know, from what I’ve seen.

[00:09:27] Am I wrong? 

[00:09:27] Jenn: [00:09:27] You’re you’re a little bit delayed now. You’re now you’re a little glitchy.

[00:09:38] Eduardo: [00:09:38] That’s the new technology we’re, we’re in this, um, the, uh, you know, last week, you know, I was faced with like basically the cancellation of like three months worth of work, at least. And I’m really like,

[00:10:00] [00:09:59] I am. I even think that September, maybe, I mean, I’m looking at September, but I really feel like everything through August is like possibly shot. Um, and you know, and my clients are people who also speak, you know, so like all of their, uh, their months are also shot. Uh, so I immediately went into is like, what can I give.

[00:10:25] Hmm. Like where can I create from a space of generosity and giving and, you know, similar to you, one of the things I thought of and the opportunities, like one of the things that I have an abundance of is community and people and people with local knowledge and expertise and people who are thinking about this.

[00:10:41] So how can we share resources, how we can make that. That community, um, provide value, um, and, um, and support each other in this time. How can we think about things differently? How can those touch points exist? So that’s one practical way where I was immediately in a space that’s responsive. So now [00:11:00] on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they’ll casing, um, people in our fearless community and virtual room ownership.

[00:11:08] So that feels really inspiring and it feels connecting. And, and, um, I remember I had, I was in New York city on September 11th. Uh, And I remember that one of the things that provided me unbelievable comfort, um, in that space of, you know, terror and fear and all of that was the ways that new Yorkers found each other in public spaces to sing together.

[00:11:32] And I remember being in Greenwich in Washington square park, surrounded by people, holding each other and singing for hours. And last Friday I hosted my first big gay sing along. Over a hundred. They were like parents with their children were people drinking wine, you know, and we sang together. Are we saying, um, Joe was saying, don’t stop believing we to [00:12:00] saying part of your world.

[00:12:03] You know, we sang New York, even the virtual kick line, you know, it was.

[00:12:13] Jenn: [00:12:13] Oh, no, 

[00:12:15] Eduardo: [00:12:15] but

[00:12:21] Jenn: [00:12:21] right at the peak, 

[00:12:22] Jennifer B: [00:12:22] I know the dance party give us more.

[00:12:29] Eduardo: [00:12:29] So it was really, um,

[00:12:39] Oh, I see a lot of

[00:12:46] Jenn: [00:12:46] little shimmy

[00:12:53] Jennifer B: [00:12:53] anyway. Yeah, 

[00:12:54] Eduardo: [00:12:54] that’s so awesome. 

[00:12:55] Jennifer B: [00:12:55] Are you going to do another dance party so we can share out the link and the 

[00:13:00] [00:13:00] Eduardo: [00:13:00] every Friday, every Friday at 5:00 PM Eastern standard time for the foreseeable future, we’re going to do the big gay sing along. Um, so I’ll send you the event rights. I’ll send you the event.

[00:13:13] It’ll be, um, who’s zoom. And, uh, and it’s a virtual opportunity to be an, I share like a song list. You know, I play the songs and then we sing along. So you sing with you get the lyrics and you, uh, Uh, move around and sing and play. And I think it was, we did define gravity and there were like, you know, 70 people pretending that they were witches.

[00:13:40] It was amazing

[00:13:46] Jennifer B: [00:13:46] how important right now. 

[00:13:47] Eduardo: [00:13:47] So, yeah. And I think that there’s an abundance of time to play. Yes. 

[00:13:51] Jenn: [00:13:51] True. There is. So what have you, you know, what have you started to do in terms of using this now [00:14:00] abundance of time that you have to do something. You know, in gratitude or in service to others, obviously your, your big gay dance party, which I think is fabulous, no surprise that you would do something like that.

[00:14:12] Of course, but you know, what are, what are other things that you’re thinking about now of how, how you can be of service to others as it relates, whether it’s the business or personal side of things. And I feel like for people like us, It’s all blended together. There’s not really like I have personal over here.

[00:14:27] I have business over here. It’s kind of like this commingled just thing that is our lives. 

[00:14:33] Jennifer B: [00:14:33] Yeah, I’ll tell, I’ll say Jen, I’m doing similar. Um, I’m doing daily calls at noon Eastern. Uh, we’re literally just hopping on zoom. Anyone can come. And in my world, I focus on diversity and inclusion leaders in organizations.

[00:14:48] Mainly, and also diverse talent within those organizations. So those of us who struggle relatively more to bring our full selves, 

[00:14:55] Eduardo: [00:14:55] to work, struggle 

[00:14:56] Jennifer B: [00:14:56] more, to be represented. Right. And see it to be it, as we say. [00:15:00] So my community is full of people. Like the two of you, as you know, and I’m just the place to gather and say, how are we making sure inclusion is top of mind right now?

[00:15:09] Because the fear we all have is we’ll be sidelined. The fear is not only we will be sidelined, but the topic will be sidelined. And so we’re generating our, my chat is amazing and rich, and I’m actually taking that and I’m going to write a white paper. That’s the summation of all of the themes and good ideas that come out of.

[00:15:27] I had 50 people yesterday at 30 today. I’m having guest speakers like we’re doing right now. So yes. What you said at Ardagh so true that are, there’s so much richness in our community. I mean, and we’ve, I feel like we built this for this moment, you know? We ha we are in these tremendous communities with so much wisdom right now.

[00:15:45] And so it’s our moment to teach. It’s our moment to orient people, point people towards what’s important. Think about our privilege. Does, you know, make sure that our allyship is like up a couple notches right now, whether it’s for parents, whether it’s for, um, [00:16:00] regarding like Asian Americans and, and, and what’s happening with harassment on that front.

[00:16:05] Um, whether it’s a generational, diverse, uh, allyship around. People of a certain age, um, health socioeconomic allyship in terms of looking at like the nonprofit world and who’s serving the most needy right now and how people are privileged can take part of their earnings. And this is a moment to really allocate that smartly.

[00:16:26] So all of those things are coming up and I’m, I’m learning a lot. I’m receiving lots of calls to action. I’m recognizing my abundance. And through the process. So, um, I’ll share that the link to these in the show notes too, and in case anybody in your community of authors and LGBTQ folks and allies, Jen wants to join into.

[00:16:46] But so what’s happening in organizations right now is really important. Like how, what companies do right now really matters. You know, they have a lot of privilege. You talk about privilege and those people who work in those communities have that paycheck every two weeks. So. That is like [00:17:00] tremendous right now, compared to the three of us where we’re like, our revenue just went off a cliff and we’re literally staring into the abyss of being like, I mean, I have a whole teams.

[00:17:10] Of people, right. Eduardo, I don’t know how big your organization is, but I, you know, I can’t meet my payroll if that income’s not coming in. And I know a lot of business owners, Jen, in your community, like are on here and we’re, we’re in a sort of unique level of pain right now. Um, particularly if we’ve scaled beyond ourselves, um, if we were solopreneur or you’re happened to be partnered with somebody who has some economic stability, you can kind of ride it out.

[00:17:37] I know I’m a breadwinner for my family. I live in the most expensive city in the 

[00:17:42] Jenn: [00:17:42] U S and the most infected. Uh, 

[00:17:46] Jennifer B: [00:17:46] so anyway, I, I just I’m I’m and yeah. I try to not let the fear overtake me. I know that my team is pulling together amazingly. Like we are, you’re going to figure this out. We’re all going to take that haircut or [00:18:00] many haircuts.

[00:18:01] And we’re just going to kind of squeeze through this, um, somehow and with the help of loans and all the other disaster recovery things that are going to be on offer for business owners, which I hope everybody that’s listening to this. If you’re a business owner you’re watching what your state’s offering.

[00:18:15] But you’re, you know, the government, there’s some really important meetings happening today. We’re going to find out about disaster relief, loans, um, grants, things like that. So anybody’s, um, keeping an eye on that because you should grab the cash. Now we have no idea how long this is going to be. Um, call your mortgage provider and ask for three months, grace period, so that you don’t need to make your payments and things like that.

[00:18:37] Just be smart about this right now, because we just don’t. We gotta hunker down. 

[00:18:42] Eduardo: [00:18:42] I also, it would be, um, First of all. I love that. And I think the important thing is to share the truth. Like I think that, you know, and sometimes it’s useful to, uh, that it doesn’t always have to be the silver lining, you know, [00:19:00] we can, we can look forward and it’s like, it does come from the truth.

[00:19:05] Right. And I think like talking honestly, as a business owner of knowing, like, I mean, I. I’m going to have an escort. You know, I support a team of people they’re consultants. Like there’s no work for the consultants to do right now. My background also is as an actor, right? So like bank tire, theatrical community is out of work and theirs are dark, like calendars and actors and all this in order to get health insurance, you need to work.

[00:19:37] Yeah. Minimum to qualify. Right? So like what, like what are the, what are so there’s like, there’s so much, um, uh, uncertainty, that’s impacting all people all around us. And I think that there is still an opportunity. Like what can we give, we show up to give, um, how can we show some [00:20:00] lead with generosity? Uh, because I think that, uh, I feel like that’s the type of leader that I want to be.

[00:20:11] no, I feel like that. Um, and that there is stuff for me to give. I can’t give everything away. Do you know what I mean?

[00:20:22] Yeah, but, but, you know, but, but, but, but there, there is a lot that I can give and I think that what I’m, what I’m, what I can give is time. What I can give is, uh, the opportunity of some of my expertise, you know? Um, and I can, I can create spaces, um, for us to engage, to innovate, to create, to support, to love, to nourish and, um, And I also can create space and time itself, figure it out for myself.

[00:20:54] I feel like I took time. I would take less figure [00:21:00] out for myself. What am I doing? What do I want to do? How do I want to respond? How do I want to show up during this time? As opposed to like being immediately in the doing, like, I was like, let me spend some time to like really dig deep and figure out what I want to be in this.

[00:21:15] So I can be responsive from a space of. Generosity and abundance and not from like, Oh my God. I’m panicking. And creating only from a space of panic.

[00:21:26] Jenn: [00:21:26] I think that’s a good tip for other people to consider too. Obviously you did that. I feel like I’m, I’m always in that space of thinking about what might I want to do differently. What, what different offering might I need to do? How do I have to adapt now? Like we have no choice, but to, to reconfigure how we operate.

[00:21:43] And I think you had said something before you didn’t say authenticity, but that’s the word that popped in my head. And I think that so often the word authenticity is just it’s overused. It’s been like. Beaten forever, but like now is like really that time to be leading in that authentic way, because I [00:22:00] think that that is going to.

[00:22:03] I suppose it could go in a reverse direction, but I feel like it can provide comfort for other people who, especially those who are watching. Cause I know we have a very, all three of us have a huge circle, a huge network of similar people. So who are all business owners? So for them kind of like thinking about this too, like what can they be thinking about and how might they be able to do more with less, which is something that we were kind of talking about before we went live to is, you know, What can we be doing differently in our businesses?

[00:22:31] Where is there the fat to trim and how might the business actually look similar or drastically different on the other side of all of this unknown? And I think sheer pointed word I like, or Jen, I don’t, I don’t know which one of you said it, but you know, it might be at least until August, like who knows how much further it could be from there.

[00:22:49] So like, we have to be really. Adapting on a day by day, week by week basis for the foreseeable future. And I think it’s the businesses that aren’t adapting or not quick to [00:23:00] adapt are going to be the ones that are probably impacted, um, even more is my, my guess. Anyway. 

[00:23:06] Eduardo: [00:23:06] And I feel like there are two pieces that Juan is like, be honest with yourself.

[00:23:11] Like there’s no, like numbers don’t lie. It’s like, like be really honest and then also be responsive. And I feel like this is also a great time to listen. What is your community calling for? And also trust your instinct. What is your instinct telling you? Right? What is your intuition telling you and start like.

[00:23:34] Listening to that and seeing what starts emerging. Right. And then being reactive from that space. Mm. Um, that’s what I, cause you know, all of a sudden I’m like, you know what, what this whole big gay sing along could turn into. Like, what I do is like hanging out to companies and saying, you know what you guys need is some karaoke dance party virtually that I can lead that can create community where people gather and they thing [00:24:00] and they dance.

[00:24:00] And it’s a great time because what you need to do is create community in this moment right now, people might not be looking for is, you know, I want to craft my keynote. 

[00:24:10] Jennifer B: [00:24:10] Yeah, right. Cause what keynotes, what are keynotes going to look like? 

[00:24:15] Eduardo: [00:24:15] It’s going to look like, do you know what I mean? Like I’m like, who knows?

[00:24:18] Right? So like there’s a way that one can be responsive to the members and, and curious and trying things out and being innovative in the moment may actually. Create a whole new opportunity for abundance 

[00:24:32] Jenn: [00:24:32] and something. I want to add onto what you’re saying, because I don’t know about the two of you, but I have been inundated with virtual happy hour invites, which I love, and I’ve also set up my own, but at the same time we might be, I don’t know how to.

[00:24:47] We know a lot of people, we have big networks, so of course we’re going to have a lot of invitations, but I think what we have to remember is that there may be many, many, many other people who do not have that same influx of invitations to do a virtual anything. So [00:25:00] it’s our responsibilities and those who are also leaders, it’s our responsibility, responsibilities to extend that invitation.

[00:25:07] To someone and to be the one who was hosting the gay dance hour or a happy hour or any number of other things, because while yes, I might have five happy hour sub in one week, which I never would actually do otherwise, but they’re virtual, so it’s easy. Um, that’s fine. But there might be someone who didn’t get that offer or doesn’t have that outlet and they might be.

[00:25:28] Kind of isolated and really feeling alone right now. And I think it’s our jobs to kind of help people step out of that shadowy place and feel seen and feel like they have a sense of community because, and I think it’s our jobs, you know, and the friends of ours that we know that are also, you know, people with large networks, it’s our responsibility right now.

[00:25:48] Jennifer B: [00:25:48] I agree you need, how do we know folks are isolating right now? Do you all have any advice? I mean, I get that question a lot in my, in the conversations I’m in around virtual teams and checking in [00:26:00] on people, you know, people are afraid to admit that how hard this really is for them, whether they’re struggling with mental health, whether they’re, um, They are isolating to a bad degree, meaning not able to work, focus, um, just, you know, start this new reality ex extroverts are going to do well.

[00:26:17] But it’s interesting. I think introverts maybe having their day as well. I don’t know. I mean, it really depends to me, like at least in the team environment, like how inclusive are all of us in. Checking in before, during and after our virtual gatherings one-on-one cause some people aren’t comfortable speaking in groups.

[00:26:36] Some people won’t show up for the happy hour, Jen. So how do we know, how do we know this, the signs, and then know where to apply our, our happy energy or whatever it is, a space a person to talk to 

[00:26:49] Eduardo: [00:26:49] whatever’s needed. One of the things that I just worked with a client of mine who runs our complex, she wants multiple companies.

[00:26:57] You know, and in the space of, [00:27:00] uh, the virtual meeting that, uh, that she was hosting is acknowledging that, uh, you know, in this forum, as I’m creating space for people to speak up, you know, some people will, and you can also private message me. Right. So like you don’t like, like not always acknowledging and social gatherings that some of you may not feel comfortable speaking and you can private message me or you can post it in the chat.

[00:27:28] You know what I mean? I think it gives space for people to have different tools within which to communicate that has them. Um, so I think that’s one way in the social landscape and I think, uh, like naming. Continuing to name that not everyone thrives in this environment and the people are having a hard time, gives people permission to be with their feelings about it and their experience.

[00:27:54] I think maiming, various experiences, um, and that very and giving people the [00:28:00] forum and the space to give voice to their experience, I think is really helpful because I think that that gives permission to then actually speak their truth. 

[00:28:11] Jenn: [00:28:11] Yeah, I think you’re onto something. And someone posted a comment mentioning that they have 8,000 LinkedIn connections and feels so isolated.

[00:28:18] So I think the point with that comment is just because you have a large network does not mean that is going to insulate you from feeling isolated. So I think, you know, a lot of what you were just saying, Eduardo. And I also think. Individually, reaching out to people to check in on them and see how they’re doing.

[00:28:33] I think if we all took a few minutes to reach out to a couple people, a couple of people in our lives, whether it’s business connections or friends or family members or neighbors, and everyone took the time to do that, everyone would be checked in on like, it doesn’t have to be a Herculean effort by any one of us to reach out individually to thousands of people.

[00:28:52] If we all just encouraged others to reach out to them, To folks. And I think in so many ways, like I, as a parent myself, I [00:29:00] know so many people who are parents and I know parents who are losing their damn minds right now so much. So I think that’s a whole other just, that could be a whole other discussion around, you know, how do you get work done when you’re, you have to homeschool your child and they’re up your ass all day.

[00:29:16] Like that is a whole other can of worms that at least for the two of you don’t have to, don’t have to deal with. Um, Well, that’s something else that we should feel isolated, right? 

[00:29:26] Eduardo: [00:29:26] Yeah. 

[00:29:26] Jenn: [00:29:26] You know, so there’s like, so multilayered 

[00:29:30] Eduardo: [00:29:30] Jen, um, and Jennifer that, I think that one of the, one of the, the there’s the privilege of as well privileged.

[00:29:40] And so, because I also don’t have children, I’m single, you know, I have a lot of the privilege of mobility. Right. And I think that, um, But I think it’s interesting to know where in the gap and space time that I now have, [00:30:00] I try to fill up with June  because I don’t want to be with the silence and stillness, and there may actually be a huge opportunity.

[00:30:17] In the listening for what the silence and the stillness is offering me. Right. And I think that. You know, and I think that that’s where in the face of a crisis, we go into reactive mode from panic and fear. And then what happens is you’re trying to game it or we’re trying to win it, or we’re trying to come on top or I’m going to win and everyone else is going to lose, or I’m going to get out ahead of this so that I don’t lose and I don’t get, and I think that there is, um, and I’m going to name it this way.

[00:30:49] Um, Knowing that it’s gendered language. Do you know what I mean? And knowing that there is a, um, and I think that in the language of masculine and feminine, [00:31:00] I think sometimes we’re trapped in the gender conversation of masculine leadership and feminine leadership and stuff like that. I want to acknowledge that, that that’s there and I’m not attaching that to Oregon or anything like that, knowing that we all carry this.

[00:31:11] And I think that one of the things that I’ve been listening for and in trusting feminine intuition within myself, Um, is the power of flow. Hmm. And being in the natural flow and the natural rhythm and okay. The flood is here. Like it is enveloped us all under the water of it. You know what I mean? There’s no, like there’s no I’m in the arc.

[00:31:37] You know what I mean? It is like, it is literally like here, right? And there’s an opportunity for me to ride the rhythm of it, as opposed to resist that it’s here and fight against it. Right. And, um, and I think that that’s what the being in the [00:32:00] surrender and the stillness for me is that there, that there is a rhythm to this.

[00:32:05] And if I can check into the rhythm of it, what is the flow of this? What is the uncovering of it? I feel like what happens is I’m emerging in a way that is actually present to the moment and not trying to force. What I wanted to be or what I think it has to be. Yes. Right. And instead allow and imaging and listening.

[00:32:38] Um, and I think aligning. Like it is not a solitary flow. It is a collective flow. Like there is, there is loading that’s happening. Like I’m a, I have, I have a raft and you have a raft and we have a raft and the arc is a solitary one, but it’s a fucking fleet of human [00:33:00] beings. You know, floating a fleet of floating humans together that I think will have us collectively rise.

[00:33:08] That is what I’m, uh, what I’m listening for. So honored to be on that fleet with the two of you. 

[00:33:15] Jennifer B: [00:33:15] Oh, us too. Yeah, that’s incredible. I love that metaphor in flow, letting go of attachment, being present, listening for the abundance. Um, giving back. Um, you know, not letting scarcity take over us, but just, we don’t have to answer there’s right now just being gentle with ourselves and, and that’s enough.

[00:33:39] That is enough, you know, and we can’t see a day or a week ahead, like we can and none of us tan, but I think our job right now is to be. Be with this. And I think honestly, that’s, that’s a great skill in life. And we sort of talked about that like before the crisis, right. It was the stillness, the mindfulness, right?

[00:33:57] Many people have mindfulness practices, which is basically [00:34:00] taking yourself out of the, the, the, the re the crazy river rushing river of life and just be still. And now we’re given this abundance of stillness in a way. And, and, you know, I want us, all of us to look back on this time and think. Was I intentional about the choices.

[00:34:16] I mean, and I’m not talking about, um, like you just said, Eduardo, like produce, produce, produce isn’t, you know, unless you really feel like that. I mean, I actually. Now that I’m in the different flow. I feel very creative 

[00:34:29] Eduardo: [00:34:29] reach that 

[00:34:29] Jennifer B: [00:34:29] point today where I’m feeling now I can create with this. Like I think, I think I found something that feels familiar, that I can build something out of, you know?

[00:34:38] And so that means to me, the fear might be receding a bit. Thank goodness. And sort of creativity is, is, is. Emerging. 

[00:34:47] Eduardo: [00:34:47] So 

[00:34:48] Jennifer B: [00:34:48] you know that I think this just pay attention to this stuff. There’s no like right answer, you know, there’s no magic place to be. I’m still going to have those terrified days and hours. I know.

[00:34:58] Um, but anyway, for now, because [00:35:00] I’m with you all, I feel everything is possible. 

[00:35:03] Jenn: [00:35:03] So 

[00:35:04] Jennifer B: [00:35:04] today 

[00:35:05] Eduardo: [00:35:05] I think this is a great time to do that little quote. 

[00:35:10] Jenn: [00:35:10] Oh, yes. Yes. 

[00:35:13] Eduardo: [00:35:13] I think it speaks to you and who you are and what you do. 

[00:35:16] Jenn: [00:35:16] Yes. And now it’s the half way across the screen. So I can’t actually read it and bring you some uncertainties.

[00:35:21] Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later. Like what a beautiful, a beautiful quote in so many ways. Cause I think that. We can’t, we don’t know everything is just unknown right now. And one of the things I was talking about about mindfulness is something that I was just thinking about is if you don’t already have a meditation practice of some kind or some, some mindfulness practice, now’s a great time to.

[00:35:49] To get one up and running, because I feel like I’ve had a number of phone calls with people and, um, who are their businesses are imploding or they’re losing their minds for any number of [00:36:00] reasons. And I feel like, I honestly think it’s my meditative practice that has kept me somewhat level headed. It’s not to say like, Jen, you were just saying like, there’s always going to be those that day or that hour when you’re panicked and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

[00:36:13] But I feel like for me, at least being able to ground myself in. In that practice that I’ve had for a number of years at this point has really, I think kept me sane. And I think that’s what we all need right now. Something to keep our sanity. 

[00:36:25] Eduardo: [00:36:25] And I highly recommend Headspace. I’ve been listening to they’re there for actually for the past.

[00:36:31] Like, I don’t know how many, even before this thing happened on managing stress. So isn’t that helpful? And I respect the hell out of it. I hate it. I’m like 10 minutes.

[00:36:48] Like it’s really helpful. So it’s not all like trips, you know, traipsing through the field with rainbows and unicorns, you know, and I think that acknowledging that I think that the [00:37:00] practices that we have that can continue to bring us to the present moment and being present to what we have. You know, not in a conversation for what I don’t have, but in this moment, what do I have?

[00:37:09] What can I be grateful for? Whatever germinates, whatever evolves from that space, I think has it diff I don’t want to be in judgment of it, but it has a different tone. It has a different creative quality. Right. And if we’re coming from what I don’t have, I’m upset, I’m angry. I’m pissed off, like again, the impetus to create a, what comes out of that creation is different.

[00:37:35] Um, and there are, I don’t want to be in a space of judgment and I think that there’s an opportunity and sometimes you have, you have no choice, but to create from that other space. And I think that if we can lean into bringing presence to the moment. You know, surrender the past, you know, surrendering the future that we were holding onto, you know, I was going to be, it was a record year record year [00:38:00] of sales, you know, all of that is what I was vying for.

[00:38:03] And now I’m like, I have, that’s gone. You know, there’d be that, you know, which I was, you know, um, but to be in the present moment of what is it that I have and what can I create from what I have the abundance of what I have, um, gives me space, gives me movement, allows me to connect to joy, um, and, um, and has me in a space of gratitude and, and, and this moment, um, it’s everything else that’s swirling around.

[00:38:32] I find peace in that. 

[00:38:35] Jennifer B: [00:38:35] Thank you. 

[00:38:36] Eduardo: [00:38:36] Hmm. That’s beautiful. 

[00:38:37] Jenn: [00:38:37] Yeah. I feel like that’s a really good, good way to kind of wrap us up here. Yes. You landed the plane, sir. 

[00:38:45] Jennifer B: [00:38:45] Land the plane. Thank you. Eduardo 

[00:38:48] Eduardo: [00:38:48] de Santa Barbara days of our lives.

[00:38:55] That’s my new.

[00:39:00] [00:39:00] Barbara,

[00:39:05] Jenn: [00:39:05] we need like a curtain drop. Like that’s, that’s what you should have. Like some kind of curtain that drops right over your camper and your

[00:39:17] Eduardo: [00:39:17] eighties soap, operas. That’s what people, what else? 

[00:39:20] Jennifer B: [00:39:20] What else? 

[00:39:22] Jenn: [00:39:22] A quick plug for Eduardo in what he does, if you are just enjoying his energy right now, of course, you know, who knows how long it’s going to be before your, your next fearless force reunites in the fearless women, 

[00:39:35] Eduardo: [00:39:35] September 20, but I’m holding space for September, 2020 in New York.

[00:39:41] Jenn: [00:39:41] I think that’s beautiful. 

[00:39:43] Eduardo: [00:39:43] I love it. 

[00:39:44] Jenn: [00:39:44] I participated in, participated in it last may and. It was, you know, a couple of days together. And I swear I have not laughed that hard for that long for that length of time in probably years. And yet at the same time, you’re getting tons of value and you’re getting [00:40:00] shit done, which was such a beautiful thing.

[00:40:01] So your personality, as you are here, it is you in all the facets that you are. So I so appreciate you. And you’re just kind of the Ray of sunshine that you are 

[00:40:13] Jennifer B: [00:40:13] totally. I just shared your in the comments. I just shared your link.

[00:40:19] Eduardo: [00:40:19] Yeah. And if people feel compelled, you know, they can go to my website, they can sign up. There’s a, I have a, it’s called 10 simple backstage tips to go from a speaker to a star. And it’s a, a PDF that, you know, as you’re looking to step to, to manage your own fear and anxiety around speaking, that’s a beautiful tool.

[00:40:35] You can have it. Many of you are going to be doing things virtually you’re gonna be hosting meetings virtually. There’s no such thing as private speaking, all speaking is public speaking. Right. And now all speaking is virtual speaking. So you’re going to be in the face of communication. And I think that just trust your authenticity, trust, who you are and continue to surrender into that as you get voice to who you are without apology.

[00:40:58] Um, [00:41:00] so, um, and I’m so grateful for the ways in which the two of you are that. Um, and just so honored to be in community with who knows, maybe we’ll do our own NGLCC virtual,

[00:41:15] you know, um, where we can gather as queer business owners. Um, uh, together. So

[00:41:24] thank you.

[00:41:28] Jennifer B: [00:41:28] Thanks for everybody for joining us.