The Colours I Am  by Amber Anntoinette Davis

It’s difficult enough to navigate early adolescence, but even more so when you have an identical twin. In “The Colours I Am,” Amber Anntoinette Davis recounts the joys and heartaches of middle school and the challenge to forge her own identity. From an early age, Amber felt her teachers and friends treated her as though she and her sister, Diamond, were one and the same person. In sixth grade, Amber found a way to make people view her differently, but at a cost to her relationship with Diamond, her peers, and her own self-respect. From the stress of switching schools to struggling academically and socially, Amber learned valuable life lessons about family, friendship, and forgiveness. This chronicle reveals the emotions, feelings, and soul of a bright and insightful young girl who realized at a tender age the importance of fully accepting herself.
Born in New York, but raised in Connecticut, Amber Antoinette Davis developed a love for writing creative stories and poetry early in life. She spoke, wrote, and expressed her words and thoughts clearly and methodically from a very young age. In the seventh grade, she wrote a poem titled The Colours I Am. Her love, however, for British English began in elementary school where she started including the letter “u” in words such as colour and honour, to some of her teachers’ disapproval. Amber enjoyed reading news articles and nonfiction books and listening to the BBC. She LOVED Junie B. Jones’ books; her writing style was certainly influenced by the protagonist’s sense of humour and sassiness. Amber was drawn to music of all genres yet had a penchant for English musicians, including the Beatles, Elton John, and the Spice Girls. Her interests spanned genealogy to pop culture. She was pensive, quirky, yet delightful. She was very formal, often signing her full name (middle included) and spelling out words such as etcetera. Writing was her outlet; she wrote when she was sad or angry and even tore pages and crumpled them. Her love for writing continued later in life and she maintained a blog.
Amber Anntoinette Davis
Amber Anntoinette Davis

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