The ART of Facilitation: Communicate So They Remember

by Tina Frey Clements

The ability to listen and communicate effectively are vital skills, enabling us to motivate and influence people in our personal and professional lives. But all too often, we’re our own biggest roadblock. In “The ART of Facilitation,” Tina Frey Clements teaches you to master the art, (and even science) of facilitation and use it to your advantage. With more than twenty-five years of experience as a professional communicator, she shares tools and techniques to successfully deliver your message to any audience; from the board room to the classroom. She busts fifteen myths about facilitation and reveals game-changing insights about how to approach different learning styles to elevate your performance.

From awareness of your body language and tone to making the most of technology and your environment, Tina takes you step by step through the ART of engaging your audience. You’ll learn the most effective ways to deliver a presentation, a keynote, a course, or even a conversation. Whether you’re an educator, a professional facilitator or you’re simply looking to sharpen your communications skills, Tina offers a roadmap to excellence and being your authentic self.

Tina Frey Clements
Tina Frey ClementsVice President, The Retail Performance Company, LCC
Tina Clements is a high energy, hands-on keynote speaker, author, coach, facilitator, contributor, and successful leader. Before launching the BMW Group Joint Venture, The Retail Performance Company, LLC (rpc) in 2013, she worked for 10+ years within the BMW NA Organization and has been in the Learning & Development industry since 1996. Throughout her career, she has held leadership positions such as Vice President, Operations Manager, and Training Manager. Believing that a company’s success is directly related to the engagement of its people, she excels at moving businesses forward and motivating and growing talent. Tina has worked with organizations such as HBO, Volkswagen, MINI, IBM, WVIP Radio/Cable Systems, and boutique firms such as automätik education. Always challenging herself to improve and grow, she has earned CPC and ELI-MP accreditations among others, such as: DiSC®, MBTI®, and Langevin©.

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