Tapped, Yet Unrooted by JE Rome

Poetic Word Slaughter

Can toxic family secrets ever be forgiven or forgotten? J.E. Rome’s raw, visceral poetry is a personal and chronological journey through the hell of growing up in a dysfunctional family where when bad things happen, there’s no one to blame but yourself. Rome faces the skeletons in the closet head on: from childhood trauma, abuse, and parental neglect to the soul-ravaging effects of poverty and addiction.

Graphic and hard-hitting, this unforgettable memoir, structured as a collection of poems, takes you through the darkest places of the human heart to the light of hope and truth.

Tapped, Yet Unrooted is captivating from cover to cover. Rome poured his heart and soul into this book and it shows. He shares the horrific details of abuse and neglect, and the life he endured from infant to adult; which is unfathomable. It was a simple, yet horrifying read. I couldn’t put it down. Rome has somehow overcome adversity with his familial adversaries and survived a childhood that nightmares are made of.”

-Tara Erickson, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant


JE Rome
JE RomePoet
It has, at one point, been proclaimed that poetry is dead. What better proof that there is a vibrant life of poetry today than the proof found in works of original word-weavers like the Worcester, MA native they call “Rome”? His pen leaves traces of gracefulness and the mastery of a magician’s hand, all while taking you on a vivid journey through the brightest landscapes and darkest depths of a life you’ve never lived. That is only a part of the experience provided to you by a poet whose words exceed the traditional notions of poetry, with a unique richness of style and the courage to dive into the unexplored parts of a familiar, yet authentic, human story.

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