As a Woman-owned and LGBTQ-owned business, Publish Your Purpose Press (PYP) is a diverse owned hybrid publishing company with a strong focus on diversity among our team, our authors, and our supply chain

Supplier diversity is the intentional inclusion of socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in procurement opportunities to achieve innovation, cost-reduction, and revenue growth objectives. 

PYP is committed to acquiring services from other diverse-owned and operated businesses.  We are firm believers that diversity of background brings diversity of thought and drives innovation, which ultimately leads to a better experience and published book.

We run our own internal Supplier Diversity program, where we actively partner with diverse suppliers. We continue to grow our diverse spend year over year.

In 2017—

  • 38% of our company expenses were spent with diverse suppliers, of which—
    • 92% were with women-owned businesses (WBE)
    • 16% were with LGBTQ-owned businesses (LGBTBE)
    • 11% were with minority-owned businesses (MBE)

In 2018—

  • 47% of our company expenses were spent with diverse suppliers, of which—
    • 95% were with women-owned businesses (WBE)
    • 20% were with LGBTQ-owned businesses (LGBTBE)
    • 10% were with minority-owned businesses (MBE)

In 2019 (year to date)—

  • 47% of our company expenses were spent with diverse suppliers, of which—
    • 85% were with women-owned businesses (WBE)
    • 33% were with LGBTQ-owned businesses (LGBTBE)
    • 20% were with minority-owned businesses (MBE)

Supplier Diversity as seen in major corporations requires that diverse businesses must be certified by a third party governing body. Our numbers above include all diverse owned businesses whether or not they are currently certified by a third party.

If you are a diverse owned business and looking for job or partnership opportunities please contact us today.

Please note that many suppliers are diverse in multiple ways, which is why our total isn’t 100%.

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