We invite you to join us in the 
 Author's Academy.
This is a 14-week program where you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

This program is built on the tried and true methods we’ve used when working with dozens of people writing their books, as well as our own processes in writing ours. 

To date, we’ve published 22 books, helped dozens of people develop their ideas, and have a strong slate of new releases in 2019. 

Participate in the Academy—
when you want,
where you want,
and as quickly as you want
We'll cover:
Your Vision
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability tips
  • Secure your topic
  • Select the best tools for productivity
  • Repurpose your existing content
  • Craft an outline and draft a chapter plan
  • Work with an editor
  • Discover the resources available for aspiring authors
& Logistics
  • Map out milestones and set a publication date
  • Define your target readership
  • Pick a publishing path (traditional vs. self)
  • Understand production options (paperback and eBook)
  • Design a cover that works
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Leverage your author status to increase business
  • Develop and engage your tribe
  • Launch your book
  • Become a best seller
  • And much more!
Your Vision
  • Secure your topic
  • Select the best tools for productivity
  • Repurpose your existing content
  • Craft an outline and draft a chapter plan
  • Work with an editor
  • Discover the resources available for aspiring authors
Publishing & Logistics
  • Map out milestones and set a publication date
  • Define your target readership
  • Pick a publishing path (traditional vs. self)
  • Understand production options (paperback and eBook)
  • Design a cover that works
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Leverage your author status to increase business
  • Develop and engage your tribe
  • Launch your book
  • Become a best seller
  • And much more!
We invite you to join us in the 
 Author's Academy.
You know the many benefits of
writing a book...

But maybe you are still struggling?

You know a book can position you 
as an authority in your industry.

You know a book can immediately 
double your speaking fees!

You know a book can immediately 
increase your consulting/coaching fees!

You know a book will help you 
rise above your competition. 

You know a book will help you 
land more media exposure.

And you KNOW a book will help you 
change the world—and your business—
one reader at a time.

We invite you to join us in the 
 Author's Academy.
We will personally guide you through the process of writing, marketing and publishing your book. 

We will help you access the tools and gain the confidence you’ll need to get published and turn your story into a powerful and profitable personal brand.

Is your book idea mission-driven and impact-driven?
We bet it is!
Are you trying to help others based on your expertise and life experiences? Are you driven to share your message with as many people as you can because you know your information will help them? If yes, then you are the right fit!
Let us help you Publish Your Purpose!
At Publish Your Purpose Press
we work with authors who are—

 impact driven
 game changers
 movement makers
 mission driven
 purpose driven

And who are working on these types of books—

 narrative non-fiction
The Business of Writing a Book
Turn Your Story Into a 
Powerful & Profitable Personal Brand
In addition to the topics outlined above, 
We’ve built in proven elements to ensure your success:
Learning Your Way

Understanding that everyone has different preferred learning styles, this course is designed with you in mind. Whether you prefer to watch a video, listen to audio or read a transcript, this program has it covered.

You will also receive access to my preferred vendor list consisting of branding experts, writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, web developers, etc. These are professionals I have personally worked with and consider to be trusted colleagues.

Each session comes with a variety of ways to learn. You can;

  • Download the video
  • Download the PDF slides from the video
  • Download the audio
  • Each worksheet comes in Word, Excel or a PDF

The intention is to make the learning experience as smooth as possible for you, which means consuming the information in the way you prefer. Additionally, you do have access to download the course in its entirety, so you can learn on the road or while you aren't connected to Wifi. You are a busy professional and this course is designed to make it as easy as possible for you!

Shorten Your Learning Curve

Founder, Jenn T. Grace has personally written five books—with a sixth book in the percolation stage. Publish Your Purpose Press (formerly Purpose Driven Publishing) published 12 books in 2017, with many more set to release in 2018.

We've gone through the steps needed to publish a book many times over, and as a result we've learned the short cuts and know exactly what it'll take for you to get your book published.


Accountability can be the key to your success. In this program you will be among your peers who are trying to do the same thing as you – write a book. This group setting will create the accountability you need to stay on track, stay focused and complete your book.

Peer Support

You will be given instant access to an inspirational group of like-minded writers who are also working to publish their book. This is the perfect platform for ongoing learning, support and a kick in the pants (when needed) between sessions.

Once you have completed the 14-week program you will be invited to join the Alumni Facebook Group for continued peer support.

You will also receive access to our preferred vendor list consisting of branding experts, writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, web developers, etc. These are professionals we have personally worked with and consider to be trusted colleagues.


The Self-paced Author's Academy cost is $797. If you are interested in more accountability you can check out our Author's Academy Live.

There are a lot of educational and publishing options that you can choose from and we want to work with authors who are on a mission to add their unique voice into the world, and help you amplify your voice and message to your audience.

You may come across services that say you can self-publish your book for $500 or less. We are a bit leery of those types of statements because it ultimately means your book’s quality will suffer to some degree and that’s not what you want. Your book is representative of you and your brand so we want to make sure it’s done right. In the Author's Academy, we discuss exactly what those areas are that you cannot afford to cut costs on. Our goal is to protect our authors and ensure they get the best product for the best price. In this program you'll learn the ins and outs and be able to avoid headache and heartache during the book creation process. Additionally, you can download our Book Cost Blueprint to get a better handle on how much a book costs. 

Additionally, you’ll also come across companies that will charge $50,000+ to publish your book. If you have $50,000 to invest, perhaps that is a good option for you. But for a fraction of the cost, our experienced team can walk you through the process of publishing your book, ensuring that the final product is something you can be proud of. 

If you are caught up in the overwhelm and don’t understand your total investment, schedule a call and we will happily give you as much information as we can and set you off in the right direction!

Ready to Join Us?
Have questions? 
Click here to schedule a consultation call 
to see if you are a right fit for the program. 

Or check the FAQ!

P.S. This program is not for everyone.
This program is not for you if...
  • You’re looking for a magic pill. This program is for the savvy, gets-stuff-done person who knows great results come from dedication and a lot of elbow grease.
  • You’re resistant to change. If you’re reading this, chances are something has been holding you back from putting your story out into the world. If you join this group, you’ll need to be ready to step outside of your comfort zone! 
  • You’re complacent. This program is people with a drive to achieve more. If you’re happy with the status quo when it comes to your career or your business, this program isn’t for you. 
Before you can bask in the glory of being a published author you are going to have to be willing to put in the effort. We’ll be ready to help you, if you are ready to let us. Let’s do this!

George Herrick, Life Coach

The thing that drove me to Author's Academy was years of procrastination in writing my book. In fact, the books I started writing over the years and never finished became passé and moot due to the passage of time and trends, and the dust they accumulated waiting for me to express them!

When a friend connected me with Jenn, the “author stars” aligned for me in the form of her clear insights and down-to-earth approach to writing, as well as her experience and know-how. I signed up for the class and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made – my first book is nearly completed, and I’m looking at formatting and printing options.

The classes are clear, succinct, focused. Yet questions do arise, of course, and Jenn is always very responsive to areas where I need a little extra help (or a nudge!). The format works brilliantly, combining online sessions, Emails and closed Facebook group, with interactive discussions and assignments that keep the motivation going.

I can’t speak highly enough of the Author's Academy, Jenn, her staff and guest experts, and the system that she developed to turn wanna-be writers like me into published authors… like me very soon! I am very grateful!

Mandi Hawke, Director of Youth Services

The Publish Your Purpose Press Author's Academy has provided a much needed framework and accountability to begin working on my writing again. Having the sessions available online that I can access anytime is so convenient. Jenn is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing advocate for authors! Thanks so much for everything!

Tony Ferraiolo, Author of Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth

As a newly published author I’m so grateful for Jenn’s guidance in the book creation process. We’ve been working together for a couple of years in many areas of my business. She’s been invaluable in getting the book out of my head and into a cohesive concept – then she ushered the project through completion. I can now call myself a published author, in large part to Jenn’s guidance.

Check out Tony’s book on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do you mean by Publish Your Purpose ?

Publish Your Purpose, by our definition, is a person who is passionate about their topic and desires to create change—someone who is looking to build their author platform, to spread a message about their respective expertise, and as a result, their efforts will impact the world for the better. The end result is having published your purpose, which will grow your audience, reach and impact.

What if I don't know my purpose?

You are more than welcome to participate in the Academy! Authors in the Academy are change makers - they are writing about serious topics that deserve attention. You will still learn all of the same fundamentals of the business of writing a book, but the Q&A may feel less relevant to what you are working on. 

If you are writing a fiction book, this program is not the right fit. The Academy is designed around non-fiction techniques and marketing strategies and as a result you may not get the most value of out of this program.

What if I have an idea but haven't written anything yet, am I the right fit?

The Academy is designed with the specific intention to help you regardless of what part of the writing process you are in. If you are just trying to wrap your head around your idea, we do cover specifics of narrowing in on your idea and how to form a solid outline to work from. Even if you haven't written a single word, the Academy can still be a great resource to get you to the place of publishing.

What if my book is almost already written is the Academy still for me?

If you already have your book near complete, this is great news. The Academy spends a great deal of time focusing on all of the other parts of writing a book, outside of the writing itself. For example, we go into detail on titles, cover design, page layout, how to market and promote your book and identifying what you want your readers to do next. If you are coming to the Academy with a near complete manuscript, that just means you can focus more of your time on all of the other items that it takes to bring your book from manuscript form to publishing.

What if I am looking for more hands-on assistance? 

The Self-Paced Author's Academy is designed to go at your own pace. If you are looking for more assistance and more hands-on learning, you might want to consider joining the next session of our Author's Academy Live. This is a 14 week program that includes weekly Q&A calls and check-ins to ensure your obstacles and roadblocks are removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can learn more about the next session of the Author's Academy Live by clicking here.

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes. We are fully committed to helping you get your book written and published. We'll happily refund your money, but in order to be eligible for a refund, we require your completed exercises from all available Sessions at the time of your request. This means you must take action in the Academy. If you are not taking action, then you won't see results. If you do the work and don't get value, then we don't deserve your money and we'll happily refund your money. But we hope that's not the case. We do this because we are a looking for serious authors only. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain high standards that we expect all to adhere to.

Is there additional support after the Academy concludes?

Yes. We have found that our authors have aspirations of getting everything done in 14 weeks, but that isn't always possible. Life gets in the way sometimes, but that doesn't mean your book should suffer. Available for participants of the Academy only, upon graduating in your 14th week, you will be able to continue on in the program month-to-month. For $97/month you can continue to ask your questions live on our Q&A calls and engage in the Facebook Group. This is less than $25 per week for the continued accountability by me and your author peers. There is no minimum monthly commitment. You can stay in the Academy until you publish your book and then cancel. Or you can stay in the academy to gain ongoing marketing advice - it is entirely up to you. There is no pressure what-so-ever, however, so many have asked how to continue on and this is hands down the best way.

Future Opportunities
My book is finished, now what?

Whether your entire book is finished or you’ve just completed your manuscript, there are some additional resources available to you. 

As a graduate of the PYP Author's Academy you are able to use our PYP Academy Press imprint for your book. We have certain criteria your book must meet to be part of the imprint, so please reach out to us for more details.

There are many publishing avenues for you to go down, however, we would love to have a conversation with you about how your book may potentially be published through our parent company, Publish Your Purpose Press.

Regardless of your publishing path, we want to see you succeed!

Who is Publish Your Purpose Press?

Publish Your Purpose Press is a full service publishing company designed to get your book published and in the hands of your readers. Publish Your Purpose Press only publishes a limited amount of authors per year, so being a graduate of the Academy can give you better odds, although being a graduate is not a requirement. 

You can visit www.PublishYourPurposePress.com for more details. 

Or email hello@publishyourpurposepress.com to arrange a consultation call.

About the Founder

Passionate about helping people share their stories of diversity and adversity, Jenn T. Grace is the Founder of the Publish Your Purpose Press and The Author's Academy

She is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker and author specializing in the LGBTQ market. Guided by the mantra, “change happens in business,” Jenn believes social change happens first in the workplace before spilling over into mainstream society. 

She is an Amazon Best Selling author and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Hartford Courant and CNBC. She holds a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University and a B.S. in Communications from Salem State University.

A marathon runner, animal lover and novice birder, she lives in Hartford, Connecticut with her family.

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