A bundle of tips around mindset, writing, marketing, editing, etc.

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What to expect to pay when self-publishing your book.
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Frequently Asked Questions about PYP and the writing process.

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Join host Jenn T. Grace and special guests as they journey through the invisible stories behind an author’s writing.

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Join Jenn T. Grace & Mark David Gibson as they journey through the PYP Author’s Academy.

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Updated weekly, with this blog you can learn the ins and outs of the writing process. Let us help you along your journey to becoming an author.

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Q&As with Authors, Editors, Publishers, and other industry experts!

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Dozens of tips for authors at any stage in the writing process.

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Download the Getting Started for Authors Blueprint

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How many times have you been told you should write a book?

With each passing day, does the urge to tell your story get stronger and stronger?

Are you worried that you can’t possibly find the time to actually sit down and write your book?

Well, guess what?

You can do this!

All you need is a system—a process—a way to put one foot in front of the other.

In this guide you will find our top 30 tips on from mindset to writing to marketing, to help you get started on your book, today!

If you are still looking for help after reading this guide contact us at [email protected]

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