New Releases

8 Steps to Overcoming Everyday Adversity

Christopher Greco

September 2020

Backstage Pass

Jamie S. Crump

June 2020

You Don’t Have To Be A Doctor

Jeffry Oxendine

June 2020

Maysa Akbar, PhD

Urban Trauma

Terri Baumgardner

Alzheimer’s Matters

Jennifer Brown, MS


Patricia Burgin, MA

The Essential Coaching Leader

Ginger Campbell, MD

Are You Sure?

Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD & Anna Huff, PhD

Awaken Love

Betsy Cerulo, MS

Shake it Off

Jamie S. Crump

Backstage Pass

Steve Disselhorst

Determined To Be Dad

Sarah Gallardo

Hiding in Plain Sight

Talonya Geary, MEIS

#goDo: How to Live on Purpose

Mark David Gibson, MS

Served in Silence

Gerald Goldhaber, PhD

Murder Inc.

Jenn T. Grace, MS

Beyond the Rainbow

Therapy Notes for Families

House on Fire

Lauren Haley

Kids Aren’t Lazy

Devin R. Halliday

Belonging Factor

Monica Kang, MA

Rethink Creativity

Nicolle Merrill

Punch Doubt in the Face

Marc S. Miller, MBA

The Death of HR

Cathi Nelson, MALS

Photo Organizing Made Easy

James R. Nowlin, JD

The Purposeful Millionaire

Jen O’Ryan

Inclusive AF

Rhodes Perry, MPA

Belonging at Work

Dina Proto, RN

Identity Impact

Gregg C. Roberts

Progress Over Perfection

Eileen Scully

In the Company of Men

Nancy M. West, MBA

What Are You Waiting For?

Michele Wierzgac, MSEd

Ass-Kicking Women

Gerry Valentine

The Thriving Mindset

Steve Yacovelli, EdD

Pride Leadership

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