The next PYP Academy Sessions start April 20, 2020!

Are you ready to write and publish your book? 

Are you overwhelmed on where to start? So much so that you are frozen in fear from taking any action forward?

Have you been pushing this off for months, maybe even years?

 If you want to do this, and are committed to doing this, we are here to make it easier for you.

Enroll in our 14 week Publish Your Purpose Academy and transform your work into a powerful and profitable part of your business.

The most common struggle first-time authors have is staying on track. Over the 14-weeks we work together we will keep you accountable. We understand publishing your book is just one of many items on your to-do list—we will help you stay focused on what is important to ensure you are maximizing your time and efficiency.

Upon graduation you’ll be invited into the Alumni Facebook Group for continued peer support, networking and collaboration.

Learn the Art of Writing a Book


The Business of Becoming an Author

Education Your Way

We understand that everyone learns a bit differently. Whether you prefer to watch a video, listen to audio, or read a transcript, you’ll have options.

During your 14-weeks you will be working alongside a small group of peers (there will be no more than 5 other students in your group) who are also publishing their books. Each week you will learn from one another. In between calls you’ll have access to the private Facebook Group to ask questions.

The next Academy session starts April 20!

The Publish Your Purpose Academy comes with one FREE copy of Scrivener, if you’d like to purchase Scrivener separate from the Academy use code ‘PUBLISHPURPOSE’.

What the Academy will teach you

How much does the Publish Your Purpose Academy cost?


The Publish Your Purpose Academy can be made in one payment of $2,500 or three payments of $950.

At PYP our focus is to help you share your message with the world, grow your business and impact more people as a result of your published book.

If this investment isn’t doable for you right now, check out the Self-Paced Publish Your Purpose Academy.

How much will it cost to publish my book?

In your journey of finding the right tools and resources to make this happen, you are going to find a lot of conflicting information. Our goal is to provide you the most practical and actionable information that is best suited for you.

We know that you are going to come across services that will charge you $500 to publish your book or $50,000 to publish your book—the key is knowing what you need and don’t need.

Your book is representative of you and your brand so we want to make sure it’s done right. In the Author’s Academy, we discuss exactly what those areas are that you cannot afford to cut costs on. Our goal is to protect our authors and ensure they get the best product for the best price.

We developed the PYP Book Cost Blueprint that maps out how much you can anticipate paying to self-publish your book from start to finish.

Have questions?

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Download the Getting Started for Authors Blueprint

Gsfa blue print 3d sm

How many times have you been told you should write a book?

With each passing day, does the urge to tell your story get stronger and stronger?

Are you worried that you can’t possibly find the time to actually sit down and write your book?

Well, guess what?

You can do this!

All you need is a system—a process—a way to put one foot in front of the other.

In this guide you will find our top 30 tips on from mindset to writing to marketing, to help you get started on your book, today!

If you are still looking for help after reading this guide contact us at [email protected]

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