Book Publishing Power Hour

Join Publish Your Purpose Press, CEO, Jenn T. Grace each week for the Book Publishing Power Hour. Bring any book-related questions and get real-time answers. Our goal is to help you get one step closer to getting your book into the world to make an impact. Whether you are just starting or you’ve already written your manuscript, we are here to discuss your writing, editing, marketing, and anything else to help you cross the finish line.

Enroll in the Getting Started for Authors (FREE) Course

Are you ready to write and publish your book?

Are you overwhelmed about where to start?

So much so that you are frozen in fear from taking any action forward?

Have you been pushing this off for months, maybe even years?

If you want to do this, and are committed to doing this, we are here to make it easier for you.

This free course focuses on mindset, accountability, organization, and writing to answer the question—

"How do I get started writing my book?"
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