Book Publishing Power Hour

Join Publish Your Purpose Press, CEO, Jenn T. Grace each week for the Book Publishing Power Hour. Bring any book-related questions and get real-time answers. Our goal is to help you get one step closer to getting your book into the world to make an impact. Whether you are just starting or you’ve already written your manuscript, we are here to discuss your writing, editing, marketing, and anything else to help you cross the finish line.

Download the Book Cost Blueprint

Regardless of where you are searching on the Internet you are going to find major discrepancies in the price of services. On one website you’ll see to expect to pay $5 for a book cover and on another website you’ll see $5,000. These ranges can be utterly overwhelming and stop a new author dead in their tracks from proceeding forward.

The information in this guide is based on the cost of producing your book going down a self-publishing path. These numbers are based entirely on our personal experience in helping dozens of authors navigate this space.

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