Murder Inc. by Gerald Goldhaber


Do you assume the products you buy, the food you eat, the medicines you take, and the cars you drive are safe? Think again. We’re exposed on a daily basis to life-threatening hazards of which we’re often unaware. From defective airbags that can explode and kill us to poisonous additives in food, we’re often the unknowing victims of corporate malfeasance and shamefully incompetent government oversight.

In this hard-hitting expose′, Dr. Gerald M. Goldhaber examines the outcomes when corporate profits trump public safety. He uncovers the dismal history of government regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us, but instead appoint leaders who come and go from the same industries they’re tasked to regulate. And while our modern conveniences make life easier and more enjoyable than previous generations, we also face new dangers of the digital age. The hacking of autonomous cars, misuse of private information collected by smart devices, and renegade programming glitches in smart homes and offices are just a few scenarios confronting us in the near future. The companies who produce these innovations need to ensure they’re fail-safe, or face hefty lawsuits if and when things go wrong.

Principled disclosure of hidden hazards is an industry – and regulatory – necessity. We can only make informed choices and avoid needless injury and death when we know all the facts. Dr. Goldhaber recommends twelve steps to take control of our safety, and outlines a model of corporate responsibility and government regulation that balances public safety measures and company profits to the benefit of all.

Dr. Gerald Goldhaber
Dr. Gerald GoldhaberSafety Communications Expert
Over the past 41 years, Dr. Gerald M. Goldhaber has emerged as the nation’s leading safety warnings, communication expert. His clients have included over 100 of the top 500 corporations in the U.S., 50 of the top 100 law firms and government agencies including the FDA (for whom he has consulted on the new nutritional label), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for whom he has helped establish guidelines for products ranging from All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) to soda bottles to in-line skates, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for whom he has consulted about potential warnings for sugary products, the Department of Defense (DOD) for whom he has consulted about warnings needed for military aircraft, bombs and other weapon systems.

Murder Inc. by Gerald Goldhaber

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