Welcome to our Q&A with the Author Series where Publish Your Purpose Press Founder, Jenn T. Grace, interviews PYP authors and their latest releases. Today we are pleased to welcome Marc S. Miller, author of THE DEATH OF HR: WHO KILLED H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) JOB?

MARC S. MILLER is a thought leader, consultant, speaker and author, and is a nationally respected authority on Human Resource Management Systems with over 35 years experience with all aspects of technology solutions for Human Resources. His nationwide consulting firm, a sole proprietorship, together with his industry visibility, has made Marc S. Miller one of the HR and HR Technology industry’s most recognized voices. He uses his thought leadership, significant industry experience and contacts to provide insight into the important trends surrounding how Human Resources utilizes HR Technology. In great demand, Marc has been a featured speaker and presenter at numerous HR and HCM technology meetings such as SHRM, IQPC, HR.com and at many HRMS providers’ User Conferences. His blogs and webinars are always well viewed and attended. His first published book, “HeroicHR”, now in its Second Edition, remains in high demand.


Using Technology to gain CLOUT, avoid career decline and empower your HR Organization Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HR Job) was found dead – at her workplace. This is a police procedural – a cautionary tale – conducted by detective Marc S Miller who explores the crime beginning with crime scene photos, and an understanding of Ms. H.R. Jobs’ workplace environment. The “canvasing” of the crime scene helps to determine what has changed within Ms. Job’s company and leads to a list of suspects and other “persons of interest” including: “Bennie Fits” (Benefits), “Pai Roal” (Payroll), “Harry R. Is” (HRIS), Bebe Boomer (Baby Boomers), Cher Holder (Shareholders), Ed Konomy (the economy), Mel Lenial (Millennials), Sue “Sis” Stems (Systems), Senor Juan Managemento (Senior Management) and others, each having specific motives and opportunity. Find out if her death was Murder or possibly a Suicide? Ms. H. R. Job became a target and then victim, for among other reasons, she had minimal or no CLOUT or influence to her peers and within her organization. She was considered by many to be an obstacle to the progress and overall performance of the organization. The book also provides an anecdotal but fact based Clout Questionnaire, with which readers will be able to determine their own Level of Clout (both personal and professional). A discussion of how to use HR technology to gain and maintain CLOUT within the HR realm and while working on teams follows. Additionally, there are chapters devoted to the rise of, and potential threat to Ms. H. R. Job, (the person and the function) by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In fact, one of the suspects is “Arturo Intelligente” – Artificial Intelligence.

Various supplemental materials are provided to help HR staff pursue new initiatives (suggested Mission Statement, and suggested Role for HR in Instilling Workforce Cyber Security Awareness), and thus continue to build Clout and influence in any organization. A group of emerging HR technology vendors are profiled whose major deliverable support the strong need to provide Career Management directly into the hands of each member of the workforce.

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