Inclusive AF by Jen O’Ryan

A Field Guide For Accidental Diversity Experts

Inclusive AF

Do your potential customers, clients, and employees see themselves reflected in your company and brand? Are you sure? Did you ask anyone?

People are looking for more than taglines or marketing campaigns that say the “right thing”. Inclusiveness is an element of culture that follows the entire lifecycle of a customer, client, or employee relationship.

In Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts, Dr. Jen O’Ryan offers a three-part roadmap for anyone thinking about inclusion and diversity in the workplace. You’ll learn how to design inclusive programs that benefit everyone, launch well-defined projects to implement them, and lead people through the changes.

Drawing from personal and professional experience, this heartfelt guide explains how to cultivate a workplace more welcoming for LGBTQ+ individuals – and for everyone else. Using personable anecdotes that emphasize human connection, Jen provides practical advice on moving your projects beyond good intentions.

From initial concept through implementation and post-delivery evaluation, Jen describes incremental changes that lead to lasting culture shifts. She helps the reader avoid issues that cause projects to falter, and advises on “unseen” influences that can impact those outcomes.

Inclusiveness is grounded in the human need to be valued and seen as ourselves, as who we really are. It lives in the daily experience and interactions between individuals.

Implementing cultural change takes work, but the end result is worth the effort: improved profitability and innovation, employee retention, productivity, and well-being of all. It’s time to get Inclusive AF!

Jen O'Ryan
Jen O'RyanPhD Human Behavior
Dr. Jen O’Ryan is the founder and principal of Double Tall Consulting, specializing in the design of Inclusion and Diversity strategies. Leveraging two decades of experience in change management, Jen has guided organizations across a variety of industries through her process.

Jen holds a PhD in Human Behavior, focused on gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as an MBA in Technology Management and B.A. in Ethics and Human Behavior. She is also the author of Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts. Designed for anyone thinking about inclusion and diversity, IAF explains how to cultivate a workplace more welcoming for LGBTQ+ individuals – and for everyone else.

A data geek at heart, Jen brings an extensive understanding of how people interact with technology, with each other, and with change. She frequently speaks on panels, conferences, and podcasts related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and influencing change across organizations.

Outside of I&D work, Jen is a travel enthusiast and avid runner. She has a strange affinity for bad 80’s music, getting lost in new cities, and scary movies.

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