I’ll Be Right There by Fern Pessin

When we talk about our bucket list, we focus on the things we want to do before we die. What about the list of things we DON’T want to happen as we start to age? What do we call THAT list?

I’ll Be Right There is a guidebook for adult children caring for their aging parents—during what can be an emotionally charged and challenging time.

The stories, information, worksheets, and resources in I’ll Be Right There will clarify what you already know, and provide you with what you absolutely need to know, for each stage of your parents’ aging.

In every page I offer what I’ve learned as a daughter called into service by her family, to help you navigate the rough waters of parental caregiving. Everything from communication, to financial and legal strategies, to managing mental and physical health challenges is covered—just like we are having a conversation.

I believe the hardest part of caregiving is knowing what to do and when for the people we love. Working through this book will give you the confidence, and peace of mind, knowing you CAN handle this!

In 2016 Fern Pessin left her business in New York/Connecticut to move south when her parents became full-time residents in Boca Raton, Florida. She wanted to leave the cold weather, sure, but her mission was to support her parent’s well-being as they aged, surrounded by love while protecting and maximizing their resources.

Fern used her skills as a writer, event planner, fundraiser, public relations and promotion expert to learn what needed to be done and to act as an advocate for her parents. She became certified as a Home Health Aide, attended conferences and classes, read and watched materials, interviewed experts, attended caregiver classes and weekly support groups and more, to ensure understanding of what to look for and do for her parents both physically and emotionally. She collected a team of experts to guide her and her siblings through the financial, legal, and medical requirements of securing her parents well-being over the long term.

As a Board Member of Senior Services of Stamford (now Silver Source), Fern used her skills to raise funds to help improve the quality of life for Fairfield County, Connecticut seniors and support their family caregivers. She worked to raise funds for Alzheimer’s organizations and Stamford Hospital. She spent fifteen years in the fitness business working to improve quality of life for people of all ages.


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