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We want change! We know that each student comes to us with a story and a voice; as educators, we strive to amplify those voices in safe and dynamic spaces. The I AM ME Project gives public schools back to the public, through the medium of family. How do we enhance school climate through the representation of those who have gone silent? We offer you one town’s collection of stories. 

Use this book to supplement curriculum, increase engagement, and encourage dual-capacity thinking. Avoid the pitfall of the one-size-fits-all narrative. Give students the space to express their unique truths, values, and possibilities.  

How do we move from institutions of oppression to empowerment?  This book closes disparities between a student’s actual experience and interpretation of their experience. How do you plan on enhancing school climate through the representation of those who have gone silent? We offer you one town’s story.  

Schools across America want to give students a voice. They truly can.

Click here for an in-depth interview about the book and the process behind it. Jenn Grace and Stephen Higgins sit down with Dave Fearon to talk about how they brought together 100 children together to help co-author this book.

Oliver Ellsworth School
Oliver Ellsworth School
Oliver Ellsworth School is a pre-kindergarten through second grade school in Windsor, Connecticut, the state’s first settled town. Oliver Ellsworth School is rated in the top five percent of most diverse schools in Connecticut. Diversity, equity, and family and community partnerships are the cornerstones of our success. We at Oliver Ellsworth are a family, devoted to “cultivating the genius of every child.” We are here to ensure that every student has the knowledge, independence, and self-confidence to succeed as a happy and productive member of society. We are so proud to share the multitude of perspectives our families’ stories present. If students at such a young age can publish a book, we know they can grow to be whatever they want to be.

Check out this interview with PYP CEO & Founder Jenn T. Grace and Author Stephen Higgins!

Check out this podcast featuring Jenn Grace and Stephen Higgins: Practice? Podcast with Dave Fearon for Peter Vaill

 Get your copy of I AM ME at your favorite place to buy books in August 2021!

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