Hiding in Plain Sight by Sarah Gallardo

A Glimpse Into the Reality of Domestic Violence

Hiding in Plain Sight by Sarah Gallardo depicts a real and chilling portrayal of how domestic violence does not discriminate and manifests itself in the most unexpected ways and places. This true story provides an authentic depiction of one woman’s journey through DV and its devastating emotional, physical, mental and spiritual effects on an individual. Beyond the negative experience that this woman endures through this disgusting act of human cruelty, through the tears, anger, cuts and bruises, this woman demonstrates the power of hope through her heroic courage and strength to come out on the other side.

Instead of succumbing to a life of anger, defeat and lack of self-confidence, Ms. Gallardo demonstrates her leadership, her dedication to combatting the DV epidemic and the ability to empower other victims of this horrible crime to speak up- loud and proud. Beyond the wonderful non-profit organization Sarah has created called “Sarah Speaks Up”, she has created a following- a tribe- of others who gravitate to her bravery through telling this story of hiding in plain sight. This story will serve as a guiding light to many – whether they are able and willing to share their story or suffering in silence. It is a story of hope, survival and true human bravery with extraordinary leadership and resilience at its core. ~ Morgan Ferrarotti

Sarah Gallardo
Sarah Gallardo
Sarah Gallardo, Founder & Executive Director of Sarah Speaks Up Sarah grew up in Berlin, Connecticut, graduated from Berlin High School in 1999, and studied vocal performance for one year at Berklee College of Music. She recently studied at Central Connecticut State University. After surviving 10 years of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband, Sarah managed to get back on her feet and become a certified domestic violence counselor. The single mother has completely turned her back on that abusive relationship and has vowed to help people who suffer the same fate. She shares her story through speaking engagements, interviews, writing and volunteering. Sarah is a living example of the fact that people can change their lives and flourish in the wake of domestic violence.

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