Getting There By Being Here by Angela Silva Mendes

Life’s Invitations To Dance


What keeps us constantly moving? When the next project doesn’t deliver the promised panacea, what is left? A never-ending chase, doing even more, frustration, exhaustion, a sense of flatness? Most of us in Western nations are overfed and undernourished physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There comes a time when our old roadmap stops being useful. Through personal and client stories, Angela Silva Mendes reminds us to learn to recognize the roadmaps that keep us trapped in the perpetual rat race, for only then we can stop the mindless busyness.

This book is the outcome of over 30 years of integrated experiences, lessons from self-work, and work with children, women, refugees, and families in Africa, Europe, and America. The results of Angela’s work are subtle yet groundbreaking. In Getting There by Being Here Angela shares her struggles as well as four principles and eight practices that teach us how to develop the ability to rest here, for this is the moment of all possibilities. It is possible to slow down and listen to what is unique about ourselves, to what Angela calls our Selfprint. If we want to rewrite our story, we can only do it from here and with who we are already. Life’s invitations are not always pleasant but now, instead of dismissing or fleeing, we can dare to face the music and dance. Are you ready?

Angela Silva Mendes
Angela Silva MendesFounder, Upanji Life Coaching
Angela Silva Mendes’ diverse academic background includes bachelor’s degrees in education and communication theories, and a master’s in international affairs. Guided by her value to serve and her thirst for meaning, Angela also holds a range of personal development certificates including neuro-linguistics programming, mindfulness, and coaching. Honoring her African heritage, Angela named her practice Upanji, meaning energy, a space of acceptance, holding what arises, and integration. With work experience in Europe, Africa, and the USA, Angela coaches, facilitates, and teaches internationally through individual sessions, workshops, and talks. She believes that self-work, based on embodied awareness, is a crucial vehicle for social justice.

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