Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What’s the difference between PYP and a traditional publisher?


What are the pros and cons of going with a traditional publisher?


Is it more likely the book will sell more copies with a traditional publisher and make up the difference?


What is self publishing?


In terms of royalties, would a PYP being a hybrid publisher fall in between traditional publisher and self published?


At what price point could I sell my book?


How long would it take to publish with PYP?


How selective is PYP? How hard is it to get accepted?


Do I need to have a finished manuscript to approach someone like PYP to discuss working together for publishing?


If I published with PYP would I still hold the property rights to my book?


If we participate in the Publish Your Purpose Academy are part of the fees paid for the academy applied towards publishing?


Is there a time of year that is better than another time of year to launch?


Do you find that selling books at conferences generates larger sales?


What are the different price points between paperback, hardcover, and ebook?


What does a budding author need to know or bring to you to begin the project? What is the catalyst? Is it the same every time or are there variations?


What is an ISBN? Do I need one?


What if my manuscript is almost finished?


What if my book isn’t finished?


Do you publish every manuscript that is submitted?


Share with us the profile of the other type of author. What do they look like? Can you give us an example of that? I feel like it’s not as common or harder to see.


If we fast forward through the writing and editing of the book, what are the mindsets around marketing the book? There is no one size fits everyone, so what are the directions you give for marketing?


Let’s talk about publishing options. We know there’s a big difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing. What would you point out to those who are looking into independent publishing?



It sounds like you are thinking much longer term – beyond the marketing and publishing of the book alone.


What do you see happening in the next year for your business and for your authors? What is on the horizon?


For those who aren’t familiar with independent publishing and with you, how can people find you and learn more about Publish Your Purpose Press?

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