Welcome to episode 11 of Publish Your Purpose: An Author’s Journey.

In this episode we cover –

  • How to do nice writing about some not so nice stuff
  • Fork You: Three-prong approach to writing about difficult matters
    • True
    • Constructive
    • Well Written
  • Courage just does not happen, courage is
  • The best way to forgive/release/write
  • More purposeful living writers tips

The Publish Your Purpose Podcast: An Author’s Journey features the unique relationship between an author and their publisher. This podcast follows author, Mark David Gibson, through the publishing process of his memoir “Served in Silence.” Alongside him you’ll hear from Publish Your Purpose Press Founder and CEO, Jenn T. Grace, as she navigates Mark through this journey. This authentic, empathetic, and at times comedic duo will take you on the journey from having an idea in your head to holding a book in your hands. You’ll go through all of the emotional ups and downs with Mark as this podcast covers his experience in real time. You’ll learn how to be better prepared when you set out to write your story. Whether you are writing a memoir or any non-fiction where a piece of your story is shared, you’ll be better equipped for success after having listened to this show.

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Publish Your Purpose

Episode 11

Jenn: Here we are for another edition of the Publish your Purpose podcast.

Mark: Greetings from Atlanta.

Jenn: Super excited today. We have our special guest- James R. Nowlin.

JN: It’s been a busy couple of months. Believe it or not, my book was published in April of this year. So now that’s it’s September 29, it’s been published for exactly five months, but it seems like it’s been two years.

[all laughing]

Jenn: It does. For those who are watching, aspiring to be authors someday, talk to us more about who you are, what you do, tell us some more about your book. And then I think we’re going to get some good dialog here.

JN: The title of my book is the Purposeful Millionaire, 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Purpose Now. I’m a corporate attorney by training but I left the practice back in 2007 or so, to start a successful corporate consulting firm. Grew firm over the years, tremendous amount of success on paper or social measurements. I had a near death accident on August 25, 2012 which required me to really re-examine my life; look at things differently in terms of people, places, things to see, what I value.

I had all the paper achievements, millionaire status. But on the inside, was I where I wanted to be? Was I spiritually becoming the person I wanted to become? The answer to that would be “no”. Also, on the happiness scale of 1-10, I was probably between a 5-8. But, what happened with the accident, Jenn, is when you have a near death episode, it requires you to reexamine yourself and reevaluate your circumstances. What you want out of life. I took a hard look at my life. I’m not invincible.

I had the entire experience of transitioning out of my body during my accident, and three years of self-evaluation and reflection afterwards, to really figure out what I wanted. And part of that is to share the message of prosperity, love, peace, empowerment, and purposefulness with other people all around the world. Today the book is a best seller. I’m keynote speaking on stages around the world on purposefulness. Not from the aspect of what you need to do to get rich quick, but in terms of getting yourself together. Working on your subconscious whole, working on James so he can project this powerful, purposeful person to the universe. As that happens, financial results can come from that. That’s my mission. That’s my purpose. Today, two years after my accident, on a scale of 1-10, happiness scale, I’m somewhere between an 8 and 11!

Jenn: I love it! I would imagine that anyone who’s watching this, and they know what Purpose Driven Publishing does, it’s no wonder you were/are our very first author.

JN: It was an honor to work with you too. You’re one of the hardest working people I know. Just the entire act of pulling a book together that I can be proud of. From today at the age of 36 until when I’m lying on my death bed, hopefully 60 or 70 years from now, my testimony to the universe, it [my book] is a powerful, truthful, substantive, reflection of me. So grateful for the lives that the book is touching. I’ll tell ya – since the book has come out, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t receive some kind of letter or email or some type of communication from somebody that says “your book really touched my life.”

There is a lot of work to get that book published. To get it marketed, out there, in the hands of the right people. What I do know is that because of the effort you and I and the publication team put into publishing that book, we are touching lives and we are changing lives.

Jenn: And that is my entire mission and the reason why I started this publishing company. For Mark who is going to be one of our future published authors (end of March), I wanted to put the two of you together because you are both very high energy people, in general. In terms of the ass kicking, and name taking that we’ve collectively done together, I feel like the three of us alone can take over the world.

I want to just have a conversation today and cover some things that Mark is about to embark on. We just had our kick-off call. He handed his baby off to the editor and now from here he’s starting to have those questions of “Oh, did I write favorably about so and so?” And James, you and I talked about this well after your book was published. I thought that you are perfect guest to have on our show. I’m turning it over to the two of you to converse. Mark, share a little bit about what you’re writing about and what you’re working on.

Mark: Sure. Thank you. James, it’s such an honor and pleasure to meet you. Congratulations on all of your success. I’m absolutely enjoying the newsletter and following you and your journey.

The book that I’m writing is entitled, Served in Silence. It’s my life story, before during and after the don’t ask, don’t tell policy, while I served in the US Air Force. It’s been an incredible journey. Once I met Jenn and the entire team at PDP, right when I started the author’s academy. From time to time I would email Jenn, I just felt this excitement about what I was doing. I asked her, “what can we do to capture this as we are going through the process from an author’s perspective, and that unique relationship that you have with a publisher?”

In the meantime, people have seen Jenn and I for a few episodes, it’s kind of crazy and zany, and then there are some serious moments where I’ve really reached some lows. That was one of the lows: getting to a point in the manuscript where it’s not so favorable and it’s a difficult to navigate because it is a family member that’s a loved one, it is a friend, but it doesn’t change what had happened. I was just very excited to meet you and super proud of being associated with you in the purpose driven publishing alumni.

Just wanted to ask you, and for viewers watching that are either in this journey or tossing their hat in the ring to start the journey, what would be your advice to navigating that very difficult and challenging space about writing about some not so comfortable topics.

JN: That’s a good question. I had a three-prong test that was something I reflected upon with everything I wrote in the book. Number 1 – is it true?  Number 2 – is it constructive? And Number 3 – is it well written? When in doubt for any of those prongs if it does not to be accomplishing those goals.

With respect to some of the atrocities in my life and the things that I have overcome, I had to get beyond being concerned about someone else’s feelings. When you keep secrets, they wind up harming you. For me, I came out and talked about some child abuse issues, domestic violence issues, that some people may not have found favorable (including my father.)

Not one word was written in my book without a substantial amount of reflection, prayers and thoughtfulness. Those words just weren’t gobbledy gook – thrown on a page with a mission of speaking a rumor about somebody. Those words were constructive, well written and truthful. So, they passed the three-prong test that I recommend. I kept going back to that test again and again and again for every single word, every single chapter.

That’s one of the things that can be really agonizing about being a published author. People out there will know more about you, than you will ever know about them. You’re sharing very private aspects about your life, but in that privacy revealing there’s a healing that takes place. I am feeling more on point; more on mission; more on focus than I have ever been my entire life. Because I am living in truth. I am living in power.

And because I came out, and shared with thousands of people around the world, my story, I am blessing others and I’m getting healing for things that happened thirty years ago. The baggage that I’ve carried for 30 years; nightmares I’ve been having for three decades. Had I kept those bottled up on the inside, I’d be less of a person today.

Courage is not common. People can talk about things that they want to do in business. They can say “I want to write a book”, “create a sculpture” but people talk all day long. Be careful as to whom you’re getting your feedback from. People on the sidelines can criticize you, they can say whatever the hell they want to say. They’re not the ones with the spotlight on them. They’re not the ones in the arena sharing their story, doing the work.

Look at the power of someone like Oprah Winfrey, who at the age of 13, lost a child. She revealed so many things about herself in order to empower other people. Had these people not authentically revealed issues about themselves that created the character that they are, then they would not have achieved in their lives, and they would not have achieved their mission.

I’m on point and I’m on mission, because it’s truthful, it’s constructive and it’s well written. And now that I’m talking on stages, giving keynote speeches, it’s got to be truthful, it’s got to be constructive and it’s got to be well articulated as well.

Mark: I like that. That is an awesome formula. the key to success for any author that might be watching, listening. I have to agree with you, for my book, it wasn’t a ring and run. That wasn’t a time to “you hurt my feelings and now I’m going to feel better by putting this out there in a manuscript”, that had nothing to do with it. To achieve authenticity later in life, I have to reveal some of those things that were holding me back. Whether it was the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy because of the military, or things that were happening in my family life. That’s very powerful. Thank you. I appreciate that.

JN: I’ll say too, a lot of those things weren’t happening to you, they were happening for you. They were making you a better, stronger, bolder, wiser person as you were going through that process. I look at things that have happened to me during my life and I realize that those things were not necessarily happening to me. I did not get stuck. I did not become a victim. I became empowered because of them. I became so much stronger; I became someone who can speak on stage and people can identify directly with me. They might not look like me, or even be the same gender as me, but that authenticity bleeds through because that powerful authentic message that I’m sharing with the world.

Here’s the other thing that we did when we were concerned about whether people were going to judge us or whether we’re going to hurt their feelings [by it/about it]. Release them and pray for them, and bless them. For anyone that I’ve ever written or spoken about, I’ve released that person and I’ve prayed for that person. And if they did something to harm me, I prayed for their healing. I believe that we’re all children of G-d. And that we’re born to manifest the glory of G-d within each of us. But if we don’t do that, we’re going to fall short. We’re not talking about people. We’re telling the truth. We’re doing it constructively. And we’re also sending them a blessing.

The outcome of all of this, is if you have written about someone, or have spoken about someone, in a truthful manner and you’re praying for that person too… that person might have a revelation or a whole complete turnaround in their life, because you’re sending them that positive energy. You’re not gossiping about a person; you’re not dogging a person. But you’re saying “You know what? You did what you did to me, however I’m going to bless you. And I’m going to show you what’s it really like to be a strong man or a strong woman, or a child of G-d and a good person on this earth. Because I’m a living testimony of the power of change, the power of prayer, and the power of a positive message.”

Jenn: I love the whole idea of this kind of releasing; acknowledging and releasing it. We’re working with another author right now whose whole thing is forgiveness. She is such a beautiful soul in every way; she’s just forgiven people for doing some really terrible, terrible things. There’s so much power in that –right? But on the flip side of that, that is a more evolved place of being. Where you can actually forgive someone for doing something very, very bad to you.

Mark’s book is a memoir. James, yours is non-fiction and you share a lot of your story in there. I think on the surface reading and looking at your book, you didn’t have to share as much of your personal story as you did. It makes it so much better that you did. I still love your forward so much because it gives you goose-bumps because of the way that it was written. It just shares such a very emotional side of things. I think it puts the reader in a different perspective when now they’re reading and they’re like “Wow. Now I have the framework for why he’s writing about this; why I should be listening to him.”

But Mark’s is a little bit different in the sense that it’s a memoir. And it’s the whole bunch of stuff we’re writing about in that. Do you have any tips for Mark, pretending that the person on the receiving end is not ready to take the forgiveness. I don’t want to say that they’re not evolved, that sounds pretentious and is not my intention, but how would you handle it when, maybe you have had criticism of someone? Is there a practical or tactical thing that Mark could be considering? Or anyone who’s watching this right now.

JN: You can’t really get wrapped up in what people think about you or how they take your message. If they’re going to receive their healing, they’re going to receive their healing. If they’re not going to receive their healing, they’re not going to receive their healing. I know that for certain people that have been in my life, we are complete spiritual strangers. It’s not important that I see that person again, talk to that person again, or meet with that person again… but what is important is that I blessed that person and released that person. There’s a lot of power that’s involved in that.

The other thing is that when you reveal your message, and you share your message with the world, to what extent do you wish to change lives? And to reach the lives of others? The more you hide and the more you hold back, the fewer people are going to grab onto that message and say “in him, I see myself.” So, the more you share, the more people can see themselves in you. That’s what creates a very powerful work of art, like a great book, with a wonderful message, or a powerful keynote speech. When they can see themselves in you, and they can make an emotional connection with you, that’s where you have your power.

So, in order to step into that power, you’ve got to stop being concerned about “was this message well received?” or, “Is this person truly accepting of my forgiveness of them?” Some people don’t want to be forgiven. We have to remember that on this earth, a lot of people just exist. And a lot of people’s egos are so inflated, that they think that everybody else is thinking about them at all times when the reality is, everybody is just trying to get through the day with their own stuff. So, whoever you’re writing about, whatever you’re speaking about, let that person be in their own ego. They might evolve in ten years; they might evolve in twenty years; and be a completely different person. But that’s not your worry. Or, they might not evolve at all. Just focus on your message, focus on your truth, focus on your power.

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Jenn: Mark how does that feel to hear this from somebody that’s already been through it? What do you think right now?

Mark: I’m thinking it takes so much negative energy to carry that grudge; or carry that “somebody done me wrong” song so long ago. You only have to forgive just once, and release it and let it go. I think that I am able, in this process, to do that. There still is the worry about the relationship going forward. What’s Christmas dinner going to be like? I don’t know.

I like that three-prong approach and being true to yourself and the written word that you’re writing and constructed and just write it very well.

JN: And the outcome of all this can be, not only are you doing the assessment on a person, you’re doing an assessment on yourself. I’m a firm believer that people are either making withdrawals or they’re making deposits in your life. For high achieving people who are of a certain amount of responsibility, net worth, relationships and so on, there’s a lot of tender loving care that we have to do, in order to build and protect our businesses, our relationships, and everything that we’re working on in life.

If you are surrounding yourself by people who are doing nothing but making withdrawals in your life, perhaps that person was somebody that you wrote about, and you need to move away from that person. As we step into our power, and success, and who we are and what we’re going to be, we’ve got to be willing to make some critical assessments of relationships and we’ve also got to be willing to change our environment. That means that certain people that were with you at a certain time in your life, might have been there for a reason or a season, but now it’s time to move on.

Mark, you can look at your life and Jenn, you can look at your life and look at some of the people who are around you during certain periods of non-achievement, or periods of achievement. It is so important, as you do the work that you’re doing… as you gain the courage to step out and write a best seller… as you gain the courage to walk out on stage and to give a standing ovation speech… that you don’t allow those crabs to pull you down. You can’t allow them to text you. You can’t allow them to call you. You can’t allow their negative energy in your house. You can’t allow their negative energy in your office. You can’t allow their negative energy in your relationship. You’ve got to stay on message with the journey that G-d has placed you on this earth to actually do. And you can’t allow those people to pull you off.

With respect to Christmas Dinner, I know that you want to be a good boy, a good family member, and a good person and all those things… you can’t be every- thing – to – every- body. I’m going to repeat that. You cannot be everything to everybody. What you’ve got to do is find your audience, find your target audience. Who is the message you’re delivering to, #1? And #2 is that you’ve got to surround yourself with birds of a feather who are flying high like you. You’re flying through very rare air and it’s tough to fly there. Eagles fly alone. Chickens are on the ground. Get away from the chickens.

Mark: What if they don’t think they’re chickens? What if they don’t think they’re supplying that negative draw or drag? “What’s wrong? I’m fine.” I love that. I can think of three right now… you keep pulling through the drive-thru right here, doing withdrawals, and you know, “I’m out of cash here!” My cash is over here focused on what I’ve got to do, what I want to do. Whether fitness or a triathlon, or writing the book, or whatever I’m doing at work… What do you do about those? What have you done about those in your life that they don’t know that they’re the negative drag?

JN: My life is a life of service, quite frankly. I’m willing to have the conversation with people. I say “You know what? We are no longer serving one another.” If I can’t serve you and help you further your goals, and you can’t serve me and further my goals, then guess what happens? There’s stagnation. Nothing moves forward. My business affairs don’t move forward; my love for myself doesn’t move forward; my relationships don’t move forward; my net worth certainly does not move forward. If there’s stagnation, we have to be able to identify it, as leaders. We have to be able to separate ourselves from that stagnation and we also have to be willing to have the conversation. And to act.

In my book, I talk about the success formula. Idea + Plan + Execution = Success. A lot of people talk about the idea all day long. Or talk about the plan. But very few are willing to execute. Execution is tough. That’s what’s separating you and the publication of your book vs. the rest of the world. Now let me ask you Mark… are these people also published authors? Are these people also speaking on stages? Are these people also building multi-million dollar companies? Are these people also meeting with very like-minded, positive people and doing something constructive with their lives? If the answer is “No”, it’s time to move on.

Jenn: That’s some tough love right there!

Mark: “Whooooo” [sound of bomb exploding]

Jenn: I feel like, James, you have a much more polished and articulate way of stating this information.

JN: No I don’t. I just don’t like to deal with a bunch of bullshit! [smiling]

[All laughing together]

Mark: There it is.

JN: Not your responsibility to be dealing with bullshit and bullshitters.

That’s the easy way of saying it.

Jenn: Thank you. That is it, exactly. The way I would have said it “You don’t have time for this BS.” We just don’t. What’s interesting, I think, is what you were just talking about, the idea. Everyone talks about the idea, but no one executes. I feel like forever I will have everyone’s book that we publish. I feel like I know it so intimately. I’m dreaming of page layout the other day. That is not what I should be dreaming about! But we have two authors that are launching next week and we’re doing a Facebook live for both of them on Tuesday and Wednesday and I’m just dreaming of all of these things at all times.

But the difference is that you execute. So, when it comes to publishing a book, there is no choice not to execute. Because, especially Mark, you know your journey started well over a decade ago; your notes and your scrap paper; your napkin jottings and all the craziness… and so at this point, you have no choice but to execute. You’re already committed. You’re locked in. It’s a matter of getting out of your own way; us getting out of your way; whoever needs to get the hell out of the way, and keep their negative baggage elsewhere to make sure that you get across the finish line.

No one sees the behind-the-scenes. I talk about this all the time. Writing a book is seriously like running a marathon. No one sees you being up at 6 in the morning, miserable in 12 degree weather (at least up here in the northeast)

Mark: Snow and Rain

Jenn: Atlanta and Austin, you two don’t have to worry about the 12 degree weather. You know, no one saw all that, but they saw the finish line photo. And in this case, the finish line photo is your book in your hand. No one sees the emotional exhaustion that happens, that everyone goes through in doing this. I think the more in the mindset we are of executing, getting out of our way, clearing the path, there aren’t those obstacles that are completely unnecessary and you can avoid them.

JN: One of the things about high achievers and people who are extremely successful is that they make things look easy. The rest of the world looks upon them and says “You know what? That looks easy, therefore I’m going to try it too.” But I would say to the rest of the world is, “Get your own idea. Execute upon your own plan. And get your own dream. Because this stuff gets really hard. And if it’s not your dream, if it’s not your heart, your soul, and in your mind; if you don’t live it, breathe it, sleep it, then it’s probably not the plan for you.

One of the things that I love about Mark, is that he is publicly committing to having his manuscript completed and to publishing and when you do that, the public will hold you accountable. So Mark, I’m going to hold you accountable.

One of the secrets to my success is that I’m part of a Mastermind group. I have other people around me who hold me accountable. I have meetings in my office. I’m also part of a coaching circle of people who coach me and my business, to get from where we are to where we are going (which is ten times our size within the next couple of years.)

We’re on that fast path, but what you cannot do is keep your idea a secret. And you shared it with us today. I’m so proud of you for taking that step and publicly manifesting it because you know it’s all about having that vision board, having that vision, working toward it so that it comes to fruition. This stuff is not easy. That’s why people like you, and Jenn and I use each other as support system to continue pushing each other. And we don’t meddle with the chickens on the ground.

Mark: Yeah! That brings me back to that episode that week in the Author’s Academy… Jenn just threw it out there nonchalantly “I’ve got a little homework for ya.” We’re in the groove and we know the homework is coming and she just launched this little tiny requirement … “I want you to go on LinkedIn or Facebook and I want you to tell the world what you’re working on.” Tell the world… and this was for all of us in the class… so my example was “I’ve thrown it down. My goal is to complete my manuscript by the end of this thing.” And I thought, “Okay, I’ll do it. I’m all in.” Jenn will tell you that I’m an all-in kind of guy, once I tell you I’m all in.

I got to the keyboard and I was like “no, no, no, no, no.” I am not touching that, you there, step away from the keyboard. And after I did it. It was so amazing because people I hadn’t talked to in years, or people that I had been stationed with years and years ago, they came out of the woodwork and were so very, very supportive.

When you were talking about people that take the withdrawal, they’re not making a lot of deposits, they’re really withdrawing a lot, and what’s hard to navigate, these are friends, these are family members, these are loved ones that you interact with every day, and they say “Oh, good job James. I love what you’re doing. And I think that’s great.” But then you’re scratching your head and you’re like “Yeah, but then why am I really included in all this drama that you’re bringing to my doorstep that has nothing to do with me achieving my goal?” And then, in the meantime, I’ve seen that it’s kind of through a process of elimination of its own, because I refuse, I don’t really have the time, if it’s not focused on Served in Silence right now (which I am laser focused on.) Mr. Wonderful he knew going into this, this was going to be my target. I am laser focused on putting bombs on target. I think it’s very powerful what you were talking about. Those people that either make deposits or withdrawals.

JN: They will never be able to relate to you and your work. In order to keep the creative mind open, you have to reduce stress in your life. One of the exercises that I require of people that I’m coaching is to walk through your home or walk through your office and look at how it’s been cared for. That is your sanctuary that opens the door for creativity in your life. If you have a dusty, dirty house, or if you have a dusty, dirty office, if you’ve got tons of papers everywhere; if things are not well maintained (if your refrigerator’s broken and your house smells like mildew) then why on earth would you expect the universe to bless you with more? As you’re exquisitely caring for your manuscript, and the idea that you have and actually executing, this is an opportunity where you can reflect and evaluate on some of those relationships to say “hey, you know what, they might be rooting for me, but they really don’t get me.” G-d please bless me with a universe of people who are like-minded high achievers who understand my stress.

That’s not to say that we say good-bye to family or certain friends, because there’s a season, a reason, a purpose for a lot of those people in our lives. But the bottom line is that you’ve got to protect your sanctuary. You’ve got to protect your environment. You’ve got to protect that manuscript because if you’re dealing with drama, you don’t have the emotional bandwidth to do anything creative or constructive, in your life.

And if you do try it, if you do get to that keyboard, or if you do walk up to that canvas and try to start painting, it’s not going to be pretty. So you’ve got to care for yourself first. When you care for yourself first, when you do the work on Mark, and when you do the work on Jenn, and when you do the work on clearing the subconscious of all the traps and garbage that tell you that you’re not good enough, you’re not enough, you’re not rich enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not enough this that or the other; when you break away and clear of all that stuff, that’s when brilliance has the opportunity to speak. And when people come to you with drama and BS, brilliance cannot speak, regardless of how much courage you have because you’re bogged down on the emotional side. And the emotional side of your brain is going a thousand miles an hour and the creative side of the brain shuts down. So you’re doing exactly what’s right, right now. You’re reevaluating relationships and determining what place belong in your life. And you’re also asking the question how can I serve you? And you’re asking how can they serve you.? If neither side is serving either side, then it’s time to push away and refocus.

Jenn: There’s so many sound bites you’re saying James. And I’m like “Ah, I know what chapter that’s in. I know what rule that is part of.” Shamelessly, you know we have a published author here with us who happens to be our first, can you share how people can get the book or get in touch with you? I feel like you’ve been dropping some good nuggets of wisdom.

JN: My website is www.jamesnowlin.com where you can sign up for free Millionaire Monday emails. You’ll get an email in your inbox every single Monday that’s going to keep you inspired. It’s going to keep you uplifted. And it’s going to be nothing but positive, positive, stuff. Guys I don’t believe in putting negative energy out into the universe. I don’t believe in gossiping. I don’t believe in telling untruths. What I do believe is speaking my truth every single Monday. And if you go to JamesNowlin.com you’re going to get those free emails, number one. Number two is, you can find my speaker website at www.speakerjames.com and you can find my book on www.jamesonamazon.com. Go buy it, go pick it up. Let me know what you think about it. Shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you. My contact information is in the book.

Jenn: I just love what you did with Millionaire Monday emails. I think it was the last one or the second to last one that came out and I was “yes, it got a make-over!” I think your emails are awesome. There’s the continuity if you read the book, the emails make sense and vice versa.

I am thrilled and so happy that you are our first author. As we are continuing to grow. And now we have Mark. Why don’t you share how to get in touch with you as well?

Mark: Thank you.

James, by the way, I absolutely love Millionaire Monday and I’ve been really enjoying it. I’m glad you can’t see the URL clicks from my end because I’m stalking your page. I think your website is absolutely brilliant. And I just love it. I love everything that you have done. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time today. It’s such an honor to meet you. I look forward to, maybe on my Texas swing, maybe I can stop by and see you.

My book is Served in Silence and you can find out more information at www.servedinsilence.com or my landing page is www.markdavidgibson.com.

Jenn: Which we are in the process right now of figuring out your website. Like literally, as we speak.

JN: I wish I could take all the credit for it but I’ve got a wonderful team around me. I’ve got my marketing guy, I’ve got my IT guy, I’ve got my partner, I’ve got everything. A lot of people helping me. It’s taken time to assemble that team but it’s a lot of hard work; it’s a lot of team work. What does team work do? It makes the DREAM WORK! It’s a complete manifestation of teamwork making the dream work. And it takes time. That’s even true of my audio book that will be coming out this fall. We’re working on completing that. But, you know what, Rome was not completed in a day. We just have to chip away at our big old block of ice, and eventually we will have a beautiful, beautiful sculpture. So thank you for the work that you’re doing. And thank you to Jenn for bringing light to all of these purposeful authors around the world who are spreading positive good news. I love it!

Jenn: That is our mission. To bring the stories of diversity, adversity, anyone who’s trying to make a change. That’s honestly what we’re all about. You can see the purpose driven publishing… I had this banner for the NGLCC conference, that James, you and I proudly took our photo in front of. I was like “Oh, I should just put it behind my desk since I’m on video all day.” So that’s how it got behind me. And you know everyone’s looking at the Facebook live video right now. www.purpose driven publishing.com. You can certainly find us.

I’m so happy that you are our first guest on the show. Actually, Mark and I are a little bit overzealous in the way in which we approach things as we are high achieving folks. We are cranking out a lot of episodes right now. James, very fittingly, being our first published author, our first guest on the show, so perfect. But we will have guests every other week going forward. This is going to be a bi-weekly thing as of right now.

Anyone watching, feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes. I believe we’re on Stitcher. And I believe we’re on GooglePlay. If you’re watching live, there may be some variables with that. But at some point, in the near future, all of that will be in place.

Thank you both for being here. Keep kicking ass. Keep taking names.

JN: I will. Thank you guys; and Godspeed.

Mark: Bye Bye.

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