At PYP we offer a variety of different coaching options.

  1. If you want to write a book but need support in getting your manuscript completed.
  2. If you have written a manuscript but need guidance through the self-publishing process.
  3. If you have published a book but need help with marketing and promoting it.

Consulting Intentions include:

  • To help Author determine how to organize and structure the manuscript
  • To help Author better determine logistics of manuscript development
  • To help Author better understand the publishing process and how the goals of the book align with the Author’s business and/or professional needs
  • To help Author work through the self-publishing process
Hands-on Support
  • Helping you coordinate the right vendors to get your book published
    • Cover designers
    • Typesetters (interior layout)
    • Editors
  • Reviewing and negotiating price points for additional services you might need while getting your book published
  • Instructions on how to complete some of the more mundane tasks such as registering with the Library of Congress, ordering ISBNs, or setting up your Amazon and IngramSpark accounts, etc.
  • Usage of the PYP Academy Press Imprint for the publishing of your book
Common Discussion Topics include (not limited to these):
  • How to get started
  • Narrowing in on your book idea
    • What is the purpose of your book?
    • Your Target Reader
  • Length of your book
    • What physical size should your book be?
    • How many words should your book be?
  • Where to collect content from
    • Content Inventory
    • Marketing Inventory
  • Mind mapping a book outline
    • Creating a book outline from your mind map
  • 6 Steps to refine your book outline
    • Non-fiction book outline samples
  • Tips for writing more effectively
  • Writing programs
    • Transcription & dictation
    • Moveable content
    • Organizing your inventory
  • Personal Branding
  • Understanding your personal brand
  • Sally Hogshead assessment
  • Marketing Buzz
  • Leveraging your network
  • Advance readers
  • Low hanging fruit v. strategic opportunities
  • The Book Launch
  • The 10-day book launch strategy
  • Launch on Kindle
  • Make it easy on social media
  • Track your results
  • Ask people to do something
  • Post-launch
  • Price adjustment
  • Focus on providing value, not the direct sale

Business Strategy: Business, marketing, and operational strategy are also available when coaching with Jenn T. Grace. Jenn’s background as a business coach, and experience as a published author and speaker, lend themselves well to helping you execute a strategy that works for you, your business, and your book.

Consulting/Coaching Calls:

  • During our first coaching call, we will map out a roadmap to follow to provide you with maximum accountability.
  • We will brainstorm and strategize around areas noted above (and other things that may arise).
  • On some calls, we may share screens and get tactical and hands-on with what you are working on.
  • Between coaching calls, you may be provided with worksheets, videos, assessments, and/or other materials to help you continue your journey forward.
  • We will work from a shared agenda document to keep track of our thoughts, questions, and ideas between meetings.

Frequencies & Price:

We know that budgeting is always a consideration in picking the path that works best for you. As a result, we have multiple frequency options. Please contact PYP today to talk about your individual needs. Click here to send us an email.

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