What it means to be a leader in today’s workplace has drastically changed.

What we allowed just 10 years ago, within the “command and control” business model, is not working today. And it’s certainly not going to work in the future.

Our diverse, multi-generational workforce wants inclusion, equity, and equality. They want all forms of discrimination and bullying to stop. They will no longer tolerate microaggressions, unequal pay, and harassment (including the unending world of sexual harassment). They are tired of “human” resources not helping them and then gaslighting them when they speak up.

Where we are right now, in the workplace and as a country, is not pretty. Too many bad behaviors, driven by greed, hate, and fear, have been tolerated for too long.

We are at a pivotal point in our history and in how businesses will be run in the future. One thing is certain—kindness is the key to the future.

The Business Case for Kindness introduces a new way of doing business—a model grounded in kindness, respect, and trust (KRT). This new model has the ability to transform a business, a leader, and a team. It also has the ability to make our world a better place.

In this book you will be presented with data, history, and case studies to help you implement the KRT model. You will learn the must have leadership skills in order to thrive in today’s workplace and in the workplace of the future. And you will be presented with results-driven examples of how the KRT model can impact your company’s bottom line. (Hint: It’s always positive!)

This book is the blueprint for the future of business. Are you ready to dive in and make real, lasting change?

Cherie Crim is the Founder and CEO of Be Kind to All, a consulting, training, and coaching kindness company focused on ending discrimination—in all of its forms—in today’s business world. A resident of Panama City, Florida she is a founding board member of the first safe space for LGBTQ youth and is a candidate for City Council (2020.) Cherie is a thought leader, activist, and truth teller who knows that kindness is the path forward. She is available for speaking, consulting, and coaching engagements.

To learn more visit BeKindToAll.com


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