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At the age of 14, Bailly decided the best way to get her historical fiction novel out into the world was to self-publish. She has self-published three novels, and seen three of the plays she has written produced in MA and CT. She amassed several years of experience in the world of project management while working in the aerospace industry, but has finally come home to the world of books. In 2019 she received her Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing.

Bailly lives in Connecticut with her husband and three cats, and is an active member of the community theater scene in Enfield.

A Q&A with the Publish Your Purpose Press Team

1. How did you come to work with PYP?

I found the listing online and immediately thought “Well that’s it. That’s my dream job right there.” And after that I made it my mission to join this fantastic company. I was surprised but thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with Jenn and the PYP team. It’s not every day you get offered your dream job!

2. What do you enjoy the most about your work

I love learning about people, what drives them, what inspires them, and what makes the happiest. This is such a great way to engage with such a wide variety of people and really get to know them through their words.

3. What are your favorite books or genre?

I enjoy so many different genres, it’s like trying to pick a favorite cat (they are all my favorite). I read a lot of historical fiction, science fiction, humorous novels, and non-fiction books about historical events.

4. How do you spend your free time?

Acting in community theater is a favorite past time of mine. And working on my own writing.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be

Dr. Jane Goodall

6. What is one thing very few people know about you?

I like to listen to 1950s rock and roll music while I cook.

7. How would you define your purpose?

To encourage others to see the very best in themselves.


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