Backstage Pass by Jamie S. Crump

Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity

The Missing Business Strategy

Most agree that options, choices, and diversity are a good thing. No financial advisor ever suggested a portfolio of a single stock. We all love having 31 flavors to select from at the ice cream counter. So why is it so hard to see that a diverse supply chain is a necessary business strategy? The connection between diversity and profitability has been shown time and again. Research from McKinsey, Deloiutte, and Harvard Business Review show that with diversity, companies make more money. Yet, many struggle to build the business case at their companies.

“Jamie has accurately captured the complex and ever-changing world of supplier diversity with Backstage Pass. As a long-time diverse business owner, I can relate to her findings and definitely share her perceptions. Backstage Pass is poignant, funny, educational, and well written. A must-read for all supplier diversity cast members.” –Avis Yates Rivers, CEO, Technology Concepts Group International

Jamie S. Crump
Jamie S. CrumpSupplier Diversity Expert
Jamie has focused her career in strategic sourcing and supplier diversity across a variety of industries including: banking, catastrophic insurance, heavy equipment rental, IT, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and welding and medical supply.

A frequent speaker at sourcing and supplier diversity events across the U.S. and Canada, Jamie has also been responsible for strategic sourcing, business services and operations, software development, capacity provisioning, and supplier diversity over the course of her career.

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