Awaken Love by Teresa Reyes Castillo & Anna Huff

Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD are married, licensed clinical psychologists. From the moment they met, they knew they would write this book. Six years later, they have been called to share their story, Awaken Love. Told in a vulnerable first-person narrative, readers are whisked through the authors’ parallel journeys as they explore their relationship’s intimate landscape. Set in the midst of a grueling psychology graduate program, their beautiful love story quickly transforms into an emotionally raw and complex battle of self-discovery, spirituality, and healing. Readers will lose themselves in the authors’ stories as, together, they move to a greater level of intuitive awareness and learn to recognize the soul connection that exists within all relationships.

“This beautifully written and executed love story follows two souls on a journey of passion and self-discovery. The way the story transcends and unravels from two separate narratives and eventually into one speaks to the overall premise and theme of the story, as while on the path to true love, one must first accomplish self-love and awareness. The prose and imagery within the story captivates the reader and whirls them into the minds and souls of the writers. I feel truly connected to this piece, as it hones in on the importance of the messages we receive externally and internally and how they guide us to the life we are meant to live. Five stars to these brilliant authors, and I am extremely grateful you allowed us into your lives and shared your wondrous journey with us.” -Kar

Teresa Reyes Castillo & Anna Huff
Teresa Reyes Castillo & Anna HuffLicensed Pyschologists
Anna Huff, Ph.D and Teresa Reyes Castillo, Ph.D are licensed clinical psychologists. Originally drawn to the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, they currently run a holistic practice in New York, NY. As co-therapists, their work pushes the limits of traditional theories and focuses on the integration of the soul, and one’s own intuition, into daily life. To work with Teresa and Anna, either privately or in a workshop setting, visit

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