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#goDo by Talonya Geary

#goDo by Talonya Geary How to Live Your Life on Purpose Over the last decade, Talonya has brought her unique gifts to the personal and professional development arena, working with some of the world’s top thought leaders, including Tony Robbins. Today she serves as co-founder and CEO of Spiire, a

Cracked Open – Never Broken

Cracked Open - Never Broken by Iman Gatti A Memoir When she was six-years-old, Iman Gatti witnessed a tragedy that began a journey in which her childhood and culture were stripped away from her – only to be replaced by a decade of abuse and neglect at the hands of

The Business Case for Kindness by Cherie Crim

The Business Case of Kindness by Cherie Crim What it means to be a leader in today’s workplace has drastically changed. What we allowed just 10 years ago, within the “command and control” business model, is not working today. And it’s certainly not going to work in the future. Our

Awaken Love by Teresa Reyes Castillo & Anna Huff

Awaken Love by Teresa Reyes Castillo & Anna Huff Personal Stories and Practical Strategies to Help your Business & Workplace Connect with the LGBTQ Market Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD are married, licensed clinical psychologists. From the moment they met, they knew they would write this book.

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion by Dr. Tony Byers

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion by Dr. Tony Byers How Diversity & Inclusion Advances Innovation and Drives Growth   Dr. Tony Byers, a global expert on Diversity and Inclusion, believes that “having” diversity doesn’t work without leveraging inclusion. The book is ideal for professionals responsible for leveraging diversity and inclusion

Photo Organizing Made Easy by Cathi Nelson

Photo Organizing Made Easy by Cathi Nelson Going From OVERWHELMED to OVERJOYED! Our photos are the keepers of our most precious memories and the tellers of our most cherished stories. But in the digital age, and when it feels like “free time” is nonexistent, organizing your photos – the thousands

Pride Leadership by Steve Yacovelli

Pride Leadership by Steve Yacovelli Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle   As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community, did you know that you naturally have some amazing leadership skills inside you, based upon your experience, that you may not be capitalizing

Death of HR by Marc S. Miller

Death of HR by Marc S. Miller Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job? Using Technology to gain CLOUT, avoid career decline and empower your HR Organization Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HR Job) was found dead – at her workplace. This is a police procedural – a cautionary tale –

Inclusion by Jennifer Brown

Inclusion by Jennifer Brown Diversity, the New Workplace, and the Will to Change Embrace Diversity and Thrive As An Organization In the rapidly changing business landscape, harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion is essential for the very viability and sustainability of every organization. Talent who feel fully  welcomed, valued,

Urban Trauma: A Legacy of Racism by Dr. Maysa Akbar

Urban Trauma by Dr. Maysa Akbar A Legacy of Racism Survived physical abuse. Witnessed community violence. Conquered the streets. Saved by education. This is Dr. Maysa Akbar’s story. A story of overcoming Urban Trauma. It’s easy to look down at urban communities and wonder why economic and social disparities still