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Inclusive AF by Jen O’Ryan

Inclusive AF by Jen O'Ryan A Field Guide For Accidental Diversity Experts Inclusive AF Do your potential customers, clients, and employees see themselves reflected in your company and brand? Are you sure? Did you ask anyone? People are looking for more than taglines or marketing campaigns that say the "right

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By becoming a PYP Ambassador you have an opportunity to earn money for doing what you are already doing—referring people to PYP! There is no fee to join and we provide all of the social media posts, images, and email templates to make this the easiest referral process possible! Simply click here and you'll be

The Jen(n) Show with Eileen Scully: The Pandemic’s Impact on Women in the Workplace

The Pandemic's Impact on Women in the Workplace Jenn T. Grace, Eileen Scully, and Jennifer Brown  [00:00:00] Jenn: [00:00:00] Hello, Jennifer Brown. Here we are  [00:00:06] Jenn B: [00:00:06] denti grace. Nice to be with you again  [00:00:09] Jenn: [00:00:09] as always. So we're, we're kind of trying out our new style with our boxes.

The Jen(n) Show with Dr. Maysa Akbar: Beyond Ally The Pursuit of Racial Justice

Beyond Ally The Pursuit of Racial Justice Jenn T. Grace, Dr. Maysa Akbar, and Jennifer Brown    [00:00:00] Jenn: [00:00:00] Good morning, Jennifer Brown.  [00:00:04] Maysa: [00:00:04] Good  [00:00:05] Jenn B: [00:00:05] morning, Jen. Grace, how are ya? Happy,  [00:00:08] Jenn: [00:00:08] happy Wednesday. Indeed. I feel like I'm energized. I have a lot of

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