Publish Your Purpose Press: Author Tips to help you complete your dream of writing a book!

The 31 days of Author Tips was produced in December 2017 with the goal of helping aspiring authors publish their books in 2018. The below 31 tips range from generating ideas, how to write, who your ideal reader is and giving yourself cheat days—and more.

You’ll get to know PYP founder, Jenn T. Grace, and many of the familiar faces on the PYP team.

Getting Started:

Start With a List of Ideas

How to Use Journaling to Release Creativity

Avoiding Overwhelm by Breaking Your Book Up

Choosing One Action Today That Will Help You Tomorrow

The Three People You Need in Your Corner While You Write a Book

Mind Set:

Knowing the Difference Between a NEED and a WANT

Getting in the Mindset of the Author

Giving Yourself Permission

Tame the Rogue Board Member in Your Mind

How to Believe Your Story is Worth Telling

It’s Okay to Take a Mental Health Day

Turning Your Gremlins and Fatigue Into Parts of Your Book

Two Ways to Deal With the Author Blues

Conquering Limited Beliefs

How to Inspire Another Author


It’s Easier to Criticize Than to Create

Write for Just ONE Person

Collecting Your Stories to Support Your Message

Having a Writing Plan But Being Prepared for it to Update

Find a Comfortable Place to Write

Thinking About the Theme of Your Book From Page One

Why Having an Outline Keeps You Focused

How to Use Transcription to Supplement Your Writing

Why Writing Can be Like Crockpot Cooking

Using Verbs to Elevate Your Writing

Taking Advantage of Unexpected Writing Days

Why it is Wise to Walk Away From Your Writing

Active vs Passive Voice


Taking Your Readers Along for the Ride

Thinking Beyond Your Publication Date

Thinking About Your Second Book While Writing Your First

Using Your Personal Brand to Impact Your Manuscript


About Jenn:

Jenn T. Grace is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker and author. Guided by the mantra, “change happens in business,” Jenn believes social change happens first in the workplace before spilling over into mainstream society. She is an Amazon Best Selling author and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Hartford Courant and on CNBC. Passionate about helping people share their stories of adversity, Jenn is the Founder of Publish Your Purpose Press and the PYP Author’s Academy. She holds a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University and a B.S. in Communications from Salem State University. A marathon runner, animal lover and novice birder, she lives in Hartford, Connecticut with her wife Andrea and their family.


Download the Getting Started for Authors Blueprint

Gsfa blue print 3d sm

How many times have you been told you should write a book?

With each passing day, does the urge to tell your story get stronger and stronger?

Are you worried that you can’t possibly find the time to actually sit down and write your book?

Well, guess what?

You can do this!

All you need is a system—a process—a way to put one foot in front of the other.

In this guide you will find our top 30 tips on from mindset to writing to marketing, to help you get started on your book, today!

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