Getting Started for Authors Tip: Write for Just ONE Person

The 31 Days of Author Tips features the advice from Jenn Grace and other authors, publishers, and people in the writing industry. From hearing Publish Your Purpose Press Founder and CEO,  Jenn T. Grace, you’ll learn the basics of the writing process as well as more intricate details and tips not found anywhere else. You’ll learn how to be better prepared when you set out to write your story. Whether you are writing a memoir or any non-fiction where a piece of your story is shared, you’ll be better equipped for success after having listened to these tips.

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Author Tip Transcript

When you start to write your book, you immediately have opinions and voices of so many people in your head before, perhaps, you even have words on the paper. Sit down and write your first draft as if you are having a conversation with a best friend that you want to tell your story to. Or, it could be that you are talking to a therapist, a business colleague, any number of people. The key is to be thinking about one individual. This ties into your target reader and target audience.

If you’re writing a memoir, that’s one scenario, where the whole thing is your story. But if you were writing non-fiction, weaving in your story strategically throughout, I would encourage you to be thinking about the ideal customer that you have; or your favorite client. Select a client that epitomizes your target market/reader; a strategic person that you love working with, and what it is about them that you love working with, and then write for them. Write it as if you’re writing an email to them. That’s the way you’re going to get to the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you start thinking about hundreds of thousands of readers, or your mom or grandmother reading your story, or any number of people that you are almost afraid of them actually reading it, that’s scary. If you think about that one person to write to, the writing process will be a lot easier and the book will be stronger and more impactful.

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