Getting Started for Authors Tip: Getting in the Mindset of the Author

The 31 Days of Author Tips features the advice from Jenn Grace and other authors, publishers, and people in the writing industry. From hearing Publish Your Purpose Press Founder and CEO,  Jenn T. Grace, you’ll learn the basics of the writing process as well as more intricate details and tips not found anywhere else. You’ll learn how to be better prepared when you set out to write your story. Whether you are writing a memoir or any non-fiction where a piece of your story is shared, you’ll be better equipped for success after having listened to these tips.

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Author Tip Transcript

Guest Tipster, Mark David Gibson, Author Served in Silence, Author’s Academy graduate

To focus on writing and get motivated to put words on the page, you have to anchor your mind to your why. Keeping your goal and image of what you want your book to accomplish when it’s done ever present in your mind, will be what drives you when you feel frustrated, bored or just plain “not in the mood!”

Get up each morning and know what you need to do for the day. Have a schedule to manage your multi-tasking and multi-functional days.

Use the block writing technique where you have to write something every day (no matter how brief) to move into a more focused mindset, which impacts the results of writing.

Your why gets you through the hard times. The why is either your life raft or lighthouse depending on what you need at the time.


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