Getting Started for Authors Tip: Two Ways to Deal With the Author Blues

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Author Tip Transcript

Author Blues can come when the writing of a manuscript brings on sadness or feelings of being stuck, tired of writing about your topic, you had to move things in your life to prioritize writing a book and that has become frustrating… you hit the proverbial wall. If you know that eventually you will hit a wall, if you have a plan for how you will handle it, it will make that period easier and/or may even prevent it from occurring.

Instead of giving up or ceasing writing altogether, the blues period is the time where you have to dig deep and find the grit to power through. Acknowledge the blues have struck. And then choose a way to manage and handle it:

  • Give yourself some space – take a mental health day
  • Go for a drive, a hike or bike-ride or some activity you use to de-stress
  • Put the manuscript in a drawer and come back a week later
  • Do something on your list of things that you were giving up while writing a book (maybe take a mini vacation, visit with friends/family, go to a movie, etc.)
  • Go buy an outfit for your launch party
  • Take a photo for your book jacket and website
  • Buy a bookstand to display your book

Come back with a fresh set of eyes and new energy.

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