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—Mark David Gibson


Working with Jenn Grace was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an author. Her expertise, passion and responsiveness set the bar for excellence in every way. Beyond doing really good work, she made our collaboration a joyful experience. I feel fortunate to be able call her my publisher and friend.—David A. O’Brien


I had the pleasure of working with Jenn and her incredible team to publish my memoir. She came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations even further once we got to working on my book. I felt like Jenn and her team really took the time required to truly understand my message and to make the entire process as successful and seamless as possible. I truly felt like my work was just as precious to them as it is to me. Publish Your Purpose Press went above and beyond to help me create my masterpiece. I always looked forward to our calls and really felt I was in the most experienced, professional and caring hands. They helped me with every step along the way and I would recommend Jenn and her team a million times over. I can’t wait to work with them on my next book!!—Iman Gatti


If you’re an indie author finding your way in the Amazon world, please do yourself a favor and enroll in the PYP Author’s Academy! The program takes you step-by-step through the process of writing, editing, designing, marketing, and launching your book. By sticking with the program, you’ll leave feeling empowered to share your message and purpose with the world! —Rhodes Perry


Writing a book should not be a perilous or expensive process – while publishing with a big house brings many challenges, self-publishing can also be plenty intimidating, and if you’re not careful, expensive. Enter Jenn T. Grace and Publish Your Purpose Press. I am a long-time colleague and friend of Jenn’s and often say, “I trust this woman with my life.” She assisted me every step of the way with getting my first book out, called “Inclusion”, and made what could have been an overwhelming process simple, guiding me through the right questions to ask and partnering with me patiently, every step of the way. I have recommended many, many potential authors to her because of the great care she takes, and how accessible she makes the whole publishing process. If you are at all considering a book in your future, you owe it to yourself to investigate Jenn’s offerings!—Jennifer Brown


Jenn T. Grace and the team at Publish Your Purpose Press have been instrumental in helping me toaccomplish my dream of becoming published author to fruition! Jenn’s ability to take a seemingly overwhelming process and breaking it down to tangible actionable milestones enabled me to bring thought to reality and an identity to what once was hidden in plain sight in Identity Impact: When Society’s Expectations Collide With the Authentic Self. Thank you, Jenn for adding published author and speaker to my list of lifetime achievements and successes that enables me to align all of the elements in my experience into a simple and clear book that validates the sense of self and helps others understand the impact they make! Thank you for making an IMPACT!—Dina Proto


If you feel the burning desire to become an author and share your message to the world, it takes a lot to make that happen. You’ll need resources and experts to help you get there. You’ll need direction and input and someone you can trust. You’ll need things you don’t even know you need if you are a first time author!! If this sounds like you, I highly recommend connecting with Jenn T. Grace and her team at Publish Your Purpose Press. As a first time author, I ran the gamut of roadblocks and questions and not knowing where to turn, and by the wonders of the Universe, I found Jenn! Her wisdom, tenacity and experience was exactly what I needed to make my dream a reality. My expectations run high and she delivers. Stop wasting time and make your book come alive! Jenn will work with you throughout every step of your journey… and what a blast you will have!—Nancy West


Working with Jenn T. Grace to publish my book was a phenomenal experience. I have been wanting to write a book for years. Jenn helped my to streamline my topic, focus on a timeline, and provided guidance in writing a well thought out piece. She created a framework for me to combine all my years of thought leadership in the field of race psychology and my real life experiences, into one easy-to-read book. Urban Trauma: A Legacy of Racism, was my masterpiece… Jenn made that possible. She can do to the same for you! Connect with Jenn today.—Dr. Maysa Akbar


I set out to write a book and in spite of good intentions, I didn’t get very far. Then I met Jenn and signed up for her 3-month course called the Author’s Academy. Jenn broke down the process, week by week into manageable and understandable tasks. It was also a great help to learn from other struggling authors like me. After I completed the class I figured I was all set and continued on my own. Yet, I soon found myself floundering and I went back to Jenn and signed with her and her team. That was the best decision I’ve made. Suddenly I had weekly calls, accountability, and an energetic team to help. Within months I had my first book published!   —Cathi Nelson



My experience working with Jenn and her team at Publish Your Purpose Press was nothing short of entirely positive. As a first time author, she made the complicated process of getting my book published feel a lot easier than I had expected. Her team were fantastic to work with, very well organized, and professional. She always delivered as promised and I found her to be reasonable when it came to any terms that needed to be negotiated.  If you are seeking a publisher to get your book out to market, I would strongly recommend you connecting with Jenn. —Gregg Roberts



As an already decently accomplished writer, I wasn’t sure how much Publish Your Purpose would benefit me. How naive that was! I’ve never written a book, and this course takes you through everything––yes, everything!––needed to write a book. Everything from mindset tips to write regularly to how to find an editor to how to choose a title and cover to––hey!––how to get testimonials. I’ve still got a lot to do, but I’m confident that I have all the resources I need to finish my book and make an impact in the world with it. Could never do that on my own, that’s for damn sure. —Jared Karol
As a first-time author, it’s hard to overstate the impact of the Author’s Academy process. From being close to completelyoverwhelmed and feeling a bit terrified, I now feel like we have a roadmap through the wilderness. The Academy is extremely well designed in terms of topics covered, sequence and structure. I love that there are worksheets, tools and videos to review on demand, supported by a cohort experience of questions and peer learning. —Sindri Anderson


—James Nowlin

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Download the Book Cost Blueprint

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Regardless of where you are searching on the Internet you are going to find major discrepancies in the price of services. On one website you’ll see to expect to pay $5 for a book cover and on another website you’ll see $5,000. These ranges can be utterly overwhelming and stop a new author dead in their tracks from proceeding forward.

The information in this guide is based on the cost of producing your book going down a self-publishing path. These numbers are based entirely on our personal experience in helping dozens of authors navigate this space.

If you are still looking for help after reading this guide contact us at hello@publishyourpurposepress.com

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