Are You Sure? by Ginger Campbell, MD

The Unconscious Origins of Certainty

Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty explores the implications of one the most surprising recent discoveries in neuroscience. There is overwhelming evidence that most of what our brain does (perhaps as much as 95%) is unconscious. It not just outside our conscious awareness, but much of it is also inaccessible to introspections. Neurologist Robert Burton explored the implications of this discovery in two recent books and in Are You Sure? Dr. Campbell shares and expands on Burton’s work. She makes these surprising ideas accessible to readers of all backgrounds. In the second edition, she goes beyond the unconscious origins of certainty to explore what these discoveries might mean to our understanding of the human mind.Inc.

Ginger Campbell, MD
Ginger Campbell, MD
The host of Brain Science is Dr. Ginger Campbell. Dr. Campbell is an experienced Emergency and Palliative Medicine physician with a long-standing interest in mind-body medicine, the brain, and consciousness. In this podcast she shares recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience in a way that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. Dr. Campbell believes that understanding how the brain works gives us insight into what makes us human. She is also committed to showing how the scientific method has unravelled many long-standing mysteries.

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