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Lisa specializes in custom book cover (and interior) design, identity and branding, marketing collateral and more. She has designed award-winning book covers and feels it is due to the relationship she establishes with the author in order to create a cover that makes a reader stop in their tracks to pick the book up. Quick turnaround married with a thoughtful and creative design is what puts Lisa at the top of her game.

A Q&A with the Publish Your Purpose Press Team

1. How did you come to work with PYP?

I had previously won a book cover design contest for one of PYP’s author, Cathi Nelson. Jenn Grace suggested me as a potential designer to submit some cover designs for another one of PYP’s authors (Mark David Gibson) for his new book, Served in Silence. I ended up winning the contest and had such a good rapport with Mark and with Jenn after this second book, that they asked me to be part of the team!

2. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I love making someone’s vision (even when they didn’t think they had one!) come to life.

3. What are your favorite books or genre?

My favorite genre to read is thriller/suspense, but I don’t have a favorite genre when it comes to design. They are ALL my favorites!

4. How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my 6-year-old son Quinn and our dog Benny.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be?

That would have to be Ellen DeGeneres. She is amazingly funny and caring and supports so many awesome life-changing charities. But, I’d ask her to bring Oprah with her.

6. What is one thing very few people know about you?

That I donated a kidney to my cousin in 2001.

7. How would you define your purpose?

My purpose in life:
To be a better mom.
To be a better person.
To be a better designer.
To do all of these things with little to no effort.


Download the Book Cost Blueprint

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Regardless of where you are searching on the Internet you are going to find major discrepancies in the price of services. On one website you’ll see to expect to pay $5 for a book cover and on another website you’ll see $5,000. These ranges can be utterly overwhelming and stop a new author dead in their tracks from proceeding forward.

The information in this guide is based on the cost of producing your book going down a self-publishing path. These numbers are based entirely on our personal experience in helping dozens of authors navigate this space.

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