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At Publish Your Purpose Press we go all-in with our authors. Not only are we publishing your book, we are in many cases launching your budding author (and often speaker) business.

As a result of our extensive all-in approach, our process is designed to help you build this new business, together! Our process is broken out into the following five key areas:

  1. Book Publishing & Logistics
  2. Personal Brand Assessment
  3. Book Marketing Launch Strategy
  4. Coaching Support & Strategy
  5. Post Book Launch Consulting

It is our mission to be with you every step of the way as you launch your new personal brand as an author. We know this can be overwhelming therefore we provide strategic guidance in all facets of the branding, publishing and marketing process, which includes how to amplify your message to the masses once your book is created. We want to ensure you have the best chances for success with the launch of your new book!

Our authors are always able to maintain creative control over their work. We work with you to get the best quality product that meets your needs. Additionally, all published work will be openly accessible to you, no smoke and mirrors.

One of the biggest pain points as an author is not knowing how well your book is doing in terms of sales. With PYP you will have access to sales data and royalty reports when you want to view it—easy as that! This provides autonomous opportunities to sell more books and grow your business with real-time insights!

At PYP, your success is our success. We need more purpose driven stories in the world and we do everything we can to ensure doing so is as easy as it can be!

Download the Book Cost Blueprint

Book cost blue print(cover)

Regardless of where you are searching on the Internet you are going to find major discrepancies in the price of services. On one website you’ll see to expect to pay $5 for a book cover and on another website you’ll see $5,000. These ranges can be utterly overwhelming and stop a new author dead in their tracks from proceeding forward.

The information in this guide is based on the cost of producing your book going down a self-publishing path. These numbers are based entirely on our personal experience in helping dozens of authors navigate this space.

If you are still looking for help after reading this guide contact us at hello@publishyourpurposepress.com

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